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Steroid Cycles

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Is extremely important to remember that anabolic steroids are banned because they are actually offering negative side effects. That’s why, if you want to jump start your steroids route – you need to carefully read about them and inform yourself as much as possible about each compound you’re planning to put into your body.

People who have a lack of knowledge on how to correctly run steroids often end up with negative side effects and wrecking their bodies, so learn about steroid cycles as much as possible.

In order to stay away from negative side effects, boost the efficacy and get faster and more results, steroids are run in cycles. That’s why it is so commonly known as steroid cycles.


Info About Steroid Cycles

Is extremely important to know that steroid cycles can be very different. They can include a steroid cycle with one single steroid or multiple steroids stacked. The steroid cycles can vary quite a lot in terms of what types of steroids are used. And lastly – the steroid cycles length.

Usually, steroids are used anywhere between 6 and 16 weeks as a single cycle. Then this is followed by PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) or back to TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy).

As it was mentioned, steroid cycles are very different, in all cycles, it is commended to have testosterone as a base compound as it is known to keep test levels high and get maximum results. In addition to that, testosterone is capable of reducing some negative side effects from other compounds.

  • The amount of testosterone you add, whether or not you add other steroids and how many, the dosage of each compound you run through the cycle as well as for how long you run each of them highly depends on your personal response, experience with steroids, and other factors.

In the end, check different steroid cycles for different needs:


Best Bulking Steroid Cycles – For Gaining Muscles and Strength

When a person is searching for adding lean muscle mass, there are bulking steroids and in combination with a proper bulking diet and bulking workout regimen, the cycle is amazing for adding size.

Some of the best bulking steroids include:Nandrolone-Decanoate-Genetic-Pharma-e1581424208258

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Steroid Cycles:

Trenbolone and Anadrol are powerful compounds added to cycles where you have enough experience with steroid cycles. They can include:

  • Tren + Test
  • Anadrol + Test
  • Test + Tren + Anadrol + Deca

There are lots of different ways they can be switched. With these compounds – all great for bulking, you can switch all according to your needs.

In whatever the case, you can notice that Testosterone is in most cycles. Sometimes, people choose to opt out, but that’s rarely.

Best Cutting Steroid Cycles – For Maintaining Muscles and Lose Fat

When a person goes through the bulking cycle, he is gaining a lot of muscle mass and strength but at the same time, you are very likely to retain a lot of water weight and to add fat too. Those who want to look “dry” are going for the cutting steroid cycles in order to burn body fat and get the water flushed offering a more defined and ripped look.

For cutting steroid cycles, testosterone is still highly recommended and is still present in most cycles. But is usually run in lower doses. That’s because Test helps to burn fat too. Nonetheless, during the cutting steroid cycles is when testosterone may be mostly omitted because this compound is capable of retaining water.anavar-10-oxandrolone-odin-pharma

The steroids for cutting are those that do not hold water and they usually include:

Cutting steroid cycles:


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As much as you can guess, there are many other examples. For cutting it is worth mentioning that there are some compounds that are added during steroid cycles but they are not steroids. Prime examples include – Liothyronine T3 or Clenbuterol. These are not steroids, but they are compounds very helpful for cutting cycles to help lose weight and often stacked with steroids.



In the end, it is worth mentioning that these are by far not all steroids (bulking or cutting). And definitely not all examples of steroid cycles. You can experiment and run the products according to your needs.

  • Another great example of a Performance Enhancing Drug that can be stacked in most steroid cycles – Human Growth Hormone.

It does wonders for weight loss and muscle retains in lower doses. Yet, is displaying crazy results in muscle mass and size gains in higher doses.

Steroid cycles are very different. Which one to choose highly depends on many different factors.

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