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Human Growth Hormone Bodybuilding

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Human Growth Hormone (or shortly HGH called by most) is a naturally occurring hormone that is vital in the proper functioning of a human body. It is an extremely important compound for the growth and proper development of body parts.

With this being said, needless to mention that HGH can do wonders when talking about muscle growth. That’s why Human Growth Hormone in Bodybuilding is an extremely popular compound known to offer mind blowing results for physique and performance enhancement purposes. At the same time, it remains fairly safe when used properly.Somatrox-Somatropin-HGH-Zzerox

Nonetheless, is very important to remember that everything under the sun has 2 aspects.

  1. The good effects (positives or benefits)
  2. The negative effects (adverse or side effects).

Absolutely anything that is in excess is harmful. It doesn’t really matter if we talk about a specific food, medicine, or supplement – everything should be maintained in moderation. So you should consider HGH in the exact same manner.

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Bodybuilders and HGH

Human Growth Hormone in Bodybuilding is sometimes overused and that’s offering side effects. That’s why it is very important to keep the administration of the compound in a responsible manner.

HGH can offer amazing results in terms of gaining muscle mass and many others. But you may also harm yourself by not using it as it should be. HGH has lots of bodybuilding benefits. But as you can guess, it has a lot of benefits outside bodybuilding purposes too.

  • In the end, when you’re wondering about “Human Growth Hormone for Bodybuilding” and whether it is helpful or not then you should know that it depends on a lot of various factors. It can be extremely helpful, but it depends on how you use it.

Is also important to note that HGH is broken down by digestion in case it is tried to be used orally. That’s why the compound is injected only. Other than that, is very often used alongside many other supplements and steroids in order to display maximum physique and performance enhancement.


HGH Muscle Growth

As much as you can guess simply by this hormone’s name – is an extremely important one for growing muscles. Needless to mention that working out properly while running HGH is going to greatly help muscles grow.

Is also considered the compound that can alter your genetic capabilities and make you grow over your genetic limit.

Smoother Brain Function

Your brain is another organ that requires a certain amount of HGH in order to properly function. A lot of people in bodybuilding using Human Growth Hormone reported better focus, overall better brain function, etc.

Stronger Bones and Ligaments

In bodybuilding that’s an extremely important benefit taken into consideration that the bones and ligaments are under the constant stress of heavy weight lifting. HGH has been found effective in improving bones, joints, and ligaments health.

Increased Sex Drive

While a lot of men are suffering from low sex drive due to low testosterone levels, many may have low libido because of low HGH. Lots of people running HGH reported increased sex drive as well as better erections.

Better Sleep – Better Recovery

The recovery process is extremely important for any bodybuilder. Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is the hormone that greatly helps with these processes. It would help users to get a better, deeper, and longer sleep. It would overall assist recovery after intense training programs.

Side Effects of Human Growth Hormone in Bodybuilding

While the compound is extremely effective in offering lots of different benefits, is important to remember that you’ve got to use the compound carefully, otherwise, you are likely to get side effects. Here are some examples of side effects reported by people injecting HGH:

  • Muscles or joint pains
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome (wrist nerve pain)
  • Swelling of body tissues
  • Increased levels of blood glucose

This is far not the full list of HGH side effects so better use it carefully.


Human Growth Hormone Bodybuilding Dosage

As mentioned, the compound comes as an injection and should be used on a daily basis. Many people use total daily dosage once a day at the same time of the day, but if dosages are getting higher – many split up doses in AM and PM administrations.

  • Is also important to remember that HGH is a compound that requires quite a while in order to offer visible results.

That’s why you’ve got to use it for 1-2 months before you would notice actual results. That’s the reason why common cycles with HGH for bodybuilding are 4-8 months.

Also, most people suggest that dosages of HGH are anywhere between 1-5 IU per day. That’s quite enough for anti aging purposes, better sleep, fat loss, and maybe a bit of lean muscle mass addition.

However, HGH dosage for actual bodybuilding purposes for growing muscles is no less than 4 IU a day and can be as much as 10 IU daily.


In the end, HGH is considered a very effective yet fairly safe product. If you’re going to use it properly, it is very probable that you’re going to get amazing benefits and stay away from side effects.


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One last note – HGH is an expensive to produce compound. That’s why it is often either faked or sold of low quality for the worth of money benefits. Customers need to be very careful when buying HGH and that’s why we recommend buying HGH for sale directly from DragonPharma.to as we work exclusively with the best manufacturers and offer HGH for the best prices on the entire market!

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