About Dragon Pharma

Dragon Pharma is a leading pharmaceutical company that is manufacturing high quality products including steroids and health medicines and distributing them world wide.

Our Story

Dragon Pharma pharmaceutical company is serving their customers for many years now and we gained a very good reputation to maintain as well as good knowledge on how to manufacture effective and in the same time inexpensive products – Dragon Pharma pharmaceutical company has a number of advantages helping suppliers to have loyal customers.
We have a lot of knowledge and experience in manufacturing health products as well as steroids and we know how to make each of our customers happy – through a really good quality : price ratio.
Dragon Pharma has its headquarters located in Vancouver, Canada and the pharmaceutical company is operating since 1989. The company is considered one of the safest, oldest and most trustworthy companies out there. There’s also a subsidiary company of Dragon Pharma called: Sanhe Kailong Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

10+ Years Experience

We have more than 10 years experience in producing sport enhancement drugs.

Friendly Staffs

We provide the best customer service along with our products.

No.1 Sterroid Pharma Company

We are top-sellers across the whole globe. Our products are sold on all continents.

Health & Wellness Focus

We are trying to offer only quality products for your health wellness.

Great Culture

We are glad to offer a diverse variety of products and we have many innovative products on the market which you can find only with us.

Multiple Distributors

We have more than 50+ approved distributors and we are looking to expand more.

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