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Propionat 100

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What is Propionat 100 by Dragon Pharma?

Propionat 100 by Dragon PharmaPropionat 100 is the trade name of Testosterone Propionate – the active substance here that s working like a testosterone booster. This is a synthetic testosterone and is one of the many other forms of esterified Testosterone. Testosterone Propionate is sold under many different brand names such as Testoviron, Test P and many others, but Propionat 100 is made by Dragon Pharma.

Is recommended to get Dragon Pharma product because customers are receiving same high quality Testosterone Propionate by getting Propionat 100 but they are getting this anabolic and androgenic steroid for a much lower price compared to other brands and pharmacies offering Testosterone Propionate of such high quality.

Testosterone Propionate found in Propionat 100 is actually an oil based solution which needs to be administered intramuscularly only. Testosterone Propionate is the shortest based esterified testosterone and is also the first esterified form that has ever been created.

Nonetheless, it still remains nowadays to be among the most famous Testosterones for physique and performance enhancement alongside with Testosterone Enanthate and Testosterone Cypionate. The compound was discovered many years ago in 1936 and being the shortest based testosterone, is very often used in cutting cycles by those who want to get shredded by losing fat and gaining muscles, however it can be used for bulking up to get big and muscular.

This anabolic and androgenic steroid (AAS) is also being used in medical settings too. It can be used by men suffering from low testosterone levels as a Testosterone Replacement Therapy (for this purpose can be used by bodybuilders using it while using anabolic steroids suppressing testosterone). Other than that, it can be used for treating breast cancer for women and delayed puberty for boys.

Propionat 100, however, is mainly being used by those looking for physique and performance enhancement purposes. Being the short based testosterone, it comes with its own series of advantages and disadvantages.

Testosterone Propionate has a half life of 1 up to 3 days. Some sources suggest it might be 20 hours while others suggest it might be a bit more than 3 days. This means that the compound is entering your system faster, but is getting flushed out of your body faster too.

This requires more frequent administration schedule for maintaining stable blood levels.

What is Propionat 100 Used For? | Testosterone Propionate Uses

Propionat 100 containing Testosterone can be used for different medical uses but this is a compound manufactured by Dragon Pharma – a famous pharmaceutical company known to offer high quality steroids and Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs), therefore is mainly searched by people looking for increasing physique and performance enhancing.

So, despite the fact that Propionat 100 can be used for various medical uses because in the end, the user is receiving testosterone, Propionat 100 is mainly used for increasing muscle mass, strength levels, and dropping body fat.

It works in the exact same way as natural testosterone and is working after is binding to the androgen receptor when it starts showing the anabolic and androgenic activity measured to have a rating of 100:100.

Most often, long based testosterones like Cypionate are being used for bulking cycles when individual wants to get big in size, however, short based testosterone like Propionate is used for cutting cycles when individual wants to get a hardening effect, when getting lean, dry and shredded with visible muscles and veiny.

With Propionat 100, you receive testosterone boosting effect. Testosterone is getting into your system fast and this boosts your testosterone levels which therefore is helpful for growing muscles, increasing strength levels, losing body fat, offering anabolic environment, anti catabolic effects, nitrogen retention, protein synthesis increased and many other benefits.

Propionat 100 Administration | Testosterone Propionate Dosage

Dosage of Testosterone Propionate found in Propionat 100 are very different from a person to another. Doses are ranging anywhere between 250 mg up to approximately 1500 mg a week. What dosage you need is depending on many different things. However, most people prefer doses as 500-600 mg weekly as this seems to be the sweetest spot.

Due to pretty short half life of Testosterone Propionate, this steroid should be used on a daily basis for maintaining stable blood levels. Decide how much of Testosterone Propionate you want to use per week, and then use that dosage in 7 even doses, once a day. Due to its pretty short half life, most people prefer short cycle lengths (longer based testosterones are used for longer cycles).

Anywhere between 6 up to 10 weeks is the most common cycle length while 8 weeks is preferred by everyone.

It is very important to have some supplements handy and to have a good PCT plan if you want to stay away from unwanted side effects. For example, aromatase inhibitors are required for estrogenic based side effects. PCT for natural testosterone suppression and supplements for all other side effects.

Propionat 100 Side Effects | Testosterone Propionate Side Effects

As mentioned, is very good to have supplements, Aromatase Inhibitors and PCT medications handy before starting to use Propionat 100 containing Testosterone Propionate for staying away from unwanted side effects. Side effects of testosterone are generally very well tolerated by most men because a bit of boost in testosterone levels is rarely problematic.

Nonetheless, having some good supplements and everything else needed to stay away from unwanted side effects is always a good idea. Testosterone Propionate is a mild steroid, but if abused, the side effects can be really bad. Do not use more than you require if you want to stay away from side effects.

Due to aromatization – Testosterone Propionate is offering estrogenic based side effects and that’s why you would need aromatase inhibitors. Due to conversion into DHT, males are getting androgen based side effects such as oily skin, acne, aggression, hair loss and others while females are turned into men because of the virilizing side effects.

Remember that there might be other side effects that were not mentioned here and such side effects can include: cardiovascular system affected, negative effects on cholesterol numbers, natural testosterone inhibition (which is why you would require a good PCT plan) and many other side effects.

Where to Buy Propionat 100? | Where to Buy Testosterone Propionate For Sale?

Propionat 100 can be purchased from Dragon Pharma containing Testosterone Propionate for such a low price that is considered always on sale. You can be sure that you receive the highest quality product of a high quality with the lowest price that you can find.

Offering testosterone which is the main hormone essential for growing muscles and having a good looking body with enhanced performance – no wonder that Propionat 100 is such a powerful steroid that is so widely used by so many people. This is a safe steroid while effectiveness is extremely high – all for a low price. Therefore, customers just can’t regret getting this amazing steroid.