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What is Accutane by Dragon Pharma?

Accutane by Dragon PharmaAccutane is the brand name of the active substance Isotretinoin and this product is a generic version of Accutane but is offered with the same trade name by Dragon Pharm but offered for a much cheaper price.

The active substance in Accutane known as Isotretinoin is mainly being used for treating bad situations of cystic acne and is also used for helping the skin to renew its faster and more efficiently. With this being said, this compound is used for treating severe acne, however it also has other uses too such as preventing skin cancers and other uses, but that’s rarely needed.

When it comes to AccutaneIsotretinoin uses in bodybuilding: such types of drugs are used for treating or preventing oily skin and acne conditions induced by the steroid use. It is very well known in steroid world that there are certain anabolic and androgenic steroids that are particularly at high risk of offering acne or other skin conditions when are being used, especially to people prone to such side effects. This is the reason why Isotretinoin sold as Accutane is often searched by anabolic steroid users.

This is a type of retinoid which means that is a compound related to vitamin A, that is naturally being found in the body too, but only in small amounts. Isotretinoin got this name because this product is isomer and tretioin. This compound is sold as prescription drug in USA, however is available as an Over The Counter (OTC) product without a prescription in many other countries.

This compound is available in topical form and in form of tablets, Dragon Pharma is offering them as tablets containing 20 mg each of Isotretinoin. This compound was discovered many years ago in 1968 and approved for medical use only in 1982.

How Does Accutane Work? | How Does Isotretinoin Work? | What Does Accutane Do?

For understanding how AccutaneIsotretioin work and what does it do, you need to understand what is acne and what causes it in the first place. This is a chronic skin condition that is manifesting in greasy skin, pimples as well as many black and white heads all over the body. Most often, this phenomenon is seen in teenagers that are going through hormonal changes who may experience it and that’s because during their teenage years, their androgens and testosterone levels are increasing.

However, some people are experienced reduced self esteem as well as anxiety because of such effects. In most of these cases – it occurs due to genetics, however lifestyle choices are also affecting this condition such as diet, smoking etc. However, bodybuilders using anabolic steroids also experience this due to their testosterone levels getting higher.

When this occurs due to whatever the reason and no natural treatments are helpful, Accutane containing Isotretinoin is used.

So, Accutane is working as an isomer of Vitamin A and this is reducing the amount of the oil that is being released by the oil glands in the skin. Without oil, it would be really hard for acne to form and grow and therefore, acne condition is getting reduced significantly. Almost all patients that are using Accutane for acne, are reporting getting excellent results, if not at lower doses – at higher doses.

Higher doses also means increased side effects risks, however more effectiveness. Less dosage might not be as effective and might get the reoccurrence of acne, but there would be fewer side effects.

Bodybuilders are increasing their total testosterone levels when they use anabolic steroids and this is triggering acne, and that’s especially for those who are prone to get them – pretty much as with teenagers who are experiencing a spike in their testosterone levels.

Accutane is required by those bodybuilders because they need to look good, especially when they are about to show up on a stage for contest, when it comes to physique competitors.

Accutane Administration | Isotretinoin Dosage

Usually, dosages of Accutane for bodybuilders using anabolic and androgenic steroids are low, especially if you are not genetically prone to get acne related side effects. There are anabolic users who do not even need to use them at all. But those who do need it, once a day administration with approximately 20 mg (one tablet) or even half of a tablet (10 mg) for a total of about 6-8 weeks cycle length should be enough.

However, if you got prescribed Accutane for whatever health condition, is very recommended to use the compound exactly as recommended by your doctor. Nonetheless, most people prescribed this compound in an attempt to fight off with acne, are using doses anywhere between 50 up to approximately 150 mg a day.

Those who require multiple doses of treatment should use it as often said by the doctor. Usually, is recommended to use this compound with a large meal.

Accutane Side Effects | Isotretinoin Side Effects

By using way too high doses of Accutane containing Isotretinoin the user would overdose and this is going to lead to vitamin A toxicity. This can be really bad as it might lead to permanent as well as to temporary side effects depending on the dosage and cycle lengths.

Some side effects includes: psychological effects; eye changes; stunted growth; inflammatory bowel disease as well as some other problems with skin.

Is very important to remember: pregnant women should not use this compound under no circumstances. No adults should consider having a baby during the administration with Accutane. There are other side effects such as muscle aches and pains; dry and fragile skin; headaches as well as some psychiatric side effects such as depression.

Accutane uses might lead to some other side effects that were not mentioned here. This is the reason why is very recommended to use Accutane conservatively and increase the dosage only if the current dose is not enough to deal with your needs or exactly as said by your doctor and you can tolerate the side effects.

Where to Buy Accutane? | Where to Buy Isotretinoin For Acne? | How Much Does Accutane Cost?

Accutane can be purchased directly from this website and you are guaranteed to get the highest quality Isotretinoin product that is known to offer a success rate of approximately 90% for treating acne. Accutane containing Isotretioin is generally a pretty expensive medication but you have the chance to get it for a much lower price directly from this website.

If you want to save a lot of money on this compound that generally people are afraid of its high price – purchase Accutane containing Isotretioin from Dragon Pharma and you would get the highest quality compound at a price that would make you really happy.