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Superdrol 10

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What is Superdrol 10 by Dragon Pharma?

Superdrol 10 by Dragon PharmaMethyldrostanolone is the active/ main substance in the product called Superdrol (trade name for Methyldrostanolone) which is an anabolic and androgenic steroid (AAS) that was developed and manufactured by Dragon Pharma. Superdrol was the nickname for Methyldrostanolone which is also known as Methasterone back in the days when it was sold as a dietary supplement in USA.

This is an orally active steroid and synthetic steroid that never had any medical uses, however is a very widely used steroid for physique and performance enhancement. The compound is now scheduled as a steroid, but in the past it was sold Over the Counter as a dietary supplement when FDA scheduled this substance.

This steroid was manufactured many years ago in 1950s and despite being a very potent steroid, it never got as popular as many other steroids out there. Nonetheless, it still gained quite a good amount of popularity back in 2005 when it appeared on the market as the dietary supplement and people noticed to gain huge results out of using it. After it got quite a big amount of popularity, FDA scheduled and banned it, however people are still searching for it and using this compound even nowadays.

The product got nicknamed “Super”drol because people reports suggested that this compound is extremely effective and is indeed one of the most effective steroids out there, and therefore, is one of the most widely used from the last few years.

This product is a DHT derived AAS containing Methyldrostanolone and is taken by mouth due to the methylation. It cannot aromatizate and therefore no estrogenic activity with a very big anabolic activity and low androgenic activity.

Supedrol is a very potent and powerful agent that is offering amazing benefits and results, however the side effects are also big if not using the product as needed. Superdrol is having very favorable anabolic to androgenic ratio which is 400:20.

How Does Superdrol Work? | Superdrol Uses

Superdrol never had any medical uses as a prescription steroid as it was already mentioned and it was also mentioned that currently, this steroid is altogether banned in USA by FDA. The product got banned because it was considered to be too dangerous.

Indeed, Superdrol can be very dangerous if not used properly, however Superdrol is immensely beneficial if using it as needed with huge results. While in the past it was sold as a dietary supplement and over the counter, bodybuilders were using it for improving their physique and enhance their performance and they indeed were receiving huge results while using it.

However, a lot of them were purely abusing this product in an attempt to receive better and faster results. But abusing a compound is never a good idea, especially when talking about steroids.

So, Superdrol got scheduled, however, the effectiveness of this compound is great and it can be very safe if used properly. Superdrol is offering protein synthesis alongside with nitrogen retention allowing a bodybuilding to grow muscles very fast and repair muscle tissues much faster which is very important.

Superdrol is actually extremely famous for offering huge gains that are very dry and hard and this immensely powerful product is offering these results in a matter of a few weeks only. Customers using Superdrol are receiving increases of approximately 30 lbs when it comes to lean muscle mass and they also get much more powerful by receiving about 25% more increase in maximum lifts. All of this, while using Superdrol for only a few weeks.

So, Superdrol offers increase in Red Blood Cells, muscle growth, strength increases, oxygen delivered to muscles, generally a better body system and dry gains that are not with water retention.

Superdrol Cycles | Superdrol Dosage | How to Take Superdrol?

Superdrol is an orally active steroid that should be taken on a daily basis and as most other orally steroids out there, is would be best to split up the total daily dose in 2 even halves for maintaining stable blood levels. It has a half life of 8-9 hours and that’s why there are people using it as much as 4 times a day, but that’s not very necessary.

This compound is immensely powerful but is very hepatotoxic as well. With this being said, cycle length should not exceed 4 weeks. There are people using it for as much as 6 weeks, but we would recommend 4 weeks at maximum. Using it over 6 weeks is already going to be very dangerous. Due to the hepatotoxicity, is very important to use liver supplements during the time you use Superdrol and for a while after it.

Superdrol is very hepatotoxic and very powerful, doses over 50 mg a day are pure abuse and do not even think about this. But the recommended dosage is anywhere between 10-30 mg a day. Doses over 30 mg a day are recommended only by professionals as not everyone can tolerate them.

Start with 10 mg and increase with 10 mg per day if needed until you get a feeling of it.

Superdrol Side Effects

Side effects of Superdrol are very associated with liver hepatotoxicity which was already mentioned above multiple times. For this reason, a very good liver supplement should be added. But except for liver strain, Superdrol offers other side effects too such as suppression of natural testosterone production for which reason, is very important to run a very good PCT plan for avoiding low testosterone condition.

Being a DHT derived compound that cannot aromatize, no estrogen related side effects can occur and this is one of the best things when it comes to Superdrol. Other than that, Superdrol is immensely anabolic but is barely androgenic and this means that androgen related side effects rarely occur too (unless used in higher doses or you’re prone to get such side effects even at low doses) such as: hair loss, aggression, acne etc.

Women are still able to get virilizing side effects which means that they are basically being turned into men. Nonetheless, in the end, androgen related side effects are not as bad as with Dianabol, for example.

So no estrogen side effects, mild androgenic side effects but very bad testosterone suppression and especially hepatotoxicity.

Where to Buy Superdrol For Sale? | Where to Buy Methyldrostanolone For Sale?

Superdrol is a compound that is not very easy to get due to the FDA ban. Even if customers are able to find a Superdrol compound, pharmacies are having huge prices for this compound mainly because is hard to find and get it.

Dragon Pharma, instead, is offering Superdrol of a very high quality Methyldrostanolone or Methasterone as the main ingredient for an extremely low price. Therefore, this hard to get compound is not available for everyone for a very low price on sale and you can be sure that you get the highest quality product.

Superdrol is the perfect compound for those who want to get an exceptional body, with hard and lean muscles, to get big without water retention and also to hugely increase muscle strength.