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What is Halotestin by Dragon Pharma?

Halotestin by Dragon PharmaHalotestin is the synthetic derivative compound of Testosterone, however, this product is actually being a derivative compound of methyltestosterone (which is basically same testosterone but the one that has been methylated – hence methyltestosterone). The active substance is called Fluoxymesterone and this compound might be sold under other brand names such as Ora-Testryl; Ultandren and others. But Halotestin is by far the most famous trade name.

This is an anabolic and androgenic steroid that is often regarded as the most powerful and strong oral anabolic and androgenic steroid that cannot aromatize into estrogen and is coming in form of tablets showing huge activity and strength when it comes to anabolic and androgenic rating.

To be more exact, Halotestin is offering an anabolic activity rating of 1900 and androgenic activity ranting of 850 which means that is 19 times more anabolic and 8.5 time more androgenic than testosterone and it cannot aromatize.

With this being said, is not a surprise to see how hugely powerful Halotestin is when comparing it to its parent hormone testosterone so it is not a surprise that muscle building properties are much higher compared to testosterone.

This compound was firstly described in 1956 and is introduced for medical use a year later and nowadays is being an anabolic and androgenic steroid (AAS) that is used for treatment of low testosterone levels in men, breast cancer in women, delayed puberty in boys and is also helpful for anemia. But with such characteristics, is quite obvious that HalotestinFluoxymesterone is also used in bodybuilding industry by powerlifters, athletes and bodybuilders for improving physique and performance.

Very often this compound is called shortly Halo and is a very popular choice among many sportsmen in different sport fields as is an amazing hardener and cutting steroid which can get you extremely lean and adding a lot of muscle mass.

Halotestin manufactured by Dragon Pharma is one of the most potent that you will ever find and use and best news is that Dragon Pharma is offering this compound for a very low price meaning that you save a lot of money while getting a super potent product.

How Does Halotestin Work? | Fluoxymesterone Uses

It was earlier mentioned that HalotestinHalo containing Fluoxymesterone is having various health uses such as hypogonadism; treatment of breast cancer; delayed puberty and others. This is also an amazing steroid when it comes to bulking up and even for cutting and shredding to get definition thanks to no aromatization.

This is an extremely powerful steroid in terms of anabolic and androgenic activity so you will increase strength and muscle levels very quickly. Halotestin or often called Halo is working in a similar way as any other anabolic and androgenic steroids by binding to the androgen receptors and therefore is an androgen agonist. However, this is the moment when it starts working in a different way from other steroids.

The red blood cell count is going to increase extremely fast and while this is important for growing muscles and gaining strength; this may come with side effects too. Plus to that, protein synthesis is greatly boosted and HalotestinFluoxymesterone is forming up an amazing anabolic and anti catabolic environment making you lose body fat and gain muscles.

Without aromatization, estrogen related side effects is not going to be bugging you allowing you to get lean and vascular while you grow big and manage to lose body fat. Fluoxymesterone is often used in both bulking and cutting cycles. People going through caloric deficiency always report amazing results because you never lose muscles and in fact – you can add some more.

Halotestin Administration | Halotestin Cycle | Halotestin Dosage

Remember that Fluoxymesterone found in Halotestin is an anabolic and androgenic steroid that comes in form of tablets so an oral steroid is offering a much shorter half life compared to the oil based one. Halo has a half life of about 9-10 hours and this is the reason why most people decide to use the daily dose into 2 even halves throughout the day – one in the morning and the other one pre workout.

If you’re using Halotestin as a prescription drug, do not attempt to use it in any other way than the one recommended by your doctor in terms of dosing frequency, dosage, cycle length etc.

It is extremely important to remember that HalotestinHalo, being an orally active steroid and so potent, is extremely dangerous for your liver. Such a powerful hepatotoxic steroid should not ever exceed a cycle length than 6 weeks. In fact, we recommend only 3 weeks to start off and then go higher to 4 weeks only if you’re ready. Even 6 weeks might be dangerous, not mentioning more.

Add high doses of Cardarine and N2Guard for your liver health. Fluoxymesterone  – Halotestin can be either stacked with injectable non hepatotoxic steroids or used alone. Don’t use it with Winstrol (Stanozolol) or other hepatotoxic products (even OTC drugs).

The product can be dangerous in normal doses, but abusive doses are incredibly dangerous. Doses for Halo ranges in 10 up to maximum 40 mg a day and even this dosage is not recommended for most. Start with 10 mg a day for 3 weeks. 20 mg a day for 4 weeks is sweetest spot for most people.

Halotestin Side Effects | Fluoxymesterone Side Effects

Side effects of HalotestinFluoxymesterone are including all the side effects of other steroids except for the estrogen related side effects because Halo cannot aromatize.

However, the difference is that Halotestin is such a powerful steroid that the side effects are multiplied so you might get bad side effects even when using this compound in normal doses. For this exact reason is recommended never to abuse it, add supplements, have a good PCT plan for its very high testosterone suppression effects, have a healthy lifestyle and never exceed cycle length.

Side effects include: virilizing side effects for females are guaranteed. Do not use this compound for physique and performance enhancement. Androgenic side effects for men can be bad and hepatotoxicity is one of the worst side effect associated with Halotestin use.

Not everyone can tolerate this powerful steroid, so before actually using it, you need to know exactly what you are doing so not making the side effects be counter productive.

Where to Buy Fluoxymesterone For Sale? | Buy Halotestin For Sale

Halotestin manufactured by Dragon Pharma often called by its short name Halo containing Fluoxymesterone is an orally active steroid that is most likely the most powerful steroid that you will ever find and use. Dragon Pharma is offering it for an extremely low price and high quality so you can be sure that this is indeed a very powerful and efficient AAS.

Is extremely important to know that side effects of Halotestin can be really bad. If you’re going to abuse this compound, you will regret. Use it properly and you will get an amazing steroid which can greatly help you taking in consideration that is such a powerful steroid.

The more powerful and potent a steroid is – the more efficient it gets, but the more side effects and more intense side effects are. Halotestin, as mentioned – is one of the most powerful AAS in existence.