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What is Clomid by Dragon Pharma?

Clomid by Dragon PharmaClomid is an extremely important medication for absolutely anyone who is planning to use anabolic steroids and that’s because everyone who uses anabolic steroids, should have a good Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan at the end of their steroid cycle. Clomid should be handy for anyone using steroids because this is one of the best medicines out there for PCT.

Clomid which is offering the active substance Clomiphene Citrate is a SERM (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator) which is found in the same drug family as another famous medicine – Nolvadex with active substance Tamoxifen or Tamoxifen Citrate. Clomid containing clomifene is actually a medication that is used for treating infertility in women who do not ovulate but it has other medical uses.

In bodybuilding, this compound is best known for its abilities to offer amazing results when it comes to Post Cycle Therapy. With all of this being said, this product is perfect as a fertility drug for females who are infertile for inducing ovulation and is perfect for those people who are using steroids and need a good PCT protocol – all for a very low price as Clomifene isn’t very expensive.

Especially taking in consideration that Dragon Pharma is offering Clomid for an even lower prices compared to other brands or sources.

This compound has appeared on the market back in 1960s and is a product that is taken by mouth as it comes in form of tablets. This product is currently on the World Health Organization’s list of essential medicines. Those are medications which are considered to be very safe and very effective.

Clomid, being a SERM is therefore an anti estrogen but this compound is rarely used for such purposes. That’s because other products are considered much helpful than Clomid when it comes to treating or preventing estrogen related side effects. There are also aromatase inhibitors (AIs) which make up anti estrogen alongside with SERMs. However, there are big differences between AIs and SERMs in mechanism of action and other factors.

What Does Clomid Do? | How Does Clomid Work?

Clomid containing clomiphene citrate is working by stimulating hypophysis for releasing more gonadotropins, at least, when talking about the use of Clomid for men in bodybuilding for PCT.

There are studies and bodybuilder’s reports suggesting that the exact same mechanisms of action for increasing LH can be taken for increasing total testosterone levels.

This is the reason why Clomid is such a popular Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) medication among those people who are using steroids. Being a SERM, Clomid is also able to prevent or treat gynecomastia induced by the aromatizable steroids which are elevating estrogen levels such as Dianabol, Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone), Boldenone (Equipoise) and others, however is rarely used for this purposes only because is a pretty weak anti gynecomastia product, compared to others.

However, Clomid is able to boost testosterone levels by stimulating hypophysis, which is releasing more gonadotropins. To make it more clear – when there’s a person using anabolic steroids, their HPTA is becoming suppressed. This is leading their bodies LH and FSH numbers to go down to nearly zero and the final result is that the body doesn’t produce testosterone anymore.

This happens because the body is receiving information that there are too much hormones present so it doesn’t produce anymore, therefore, the testicles shrink. However, all of this can be avoided with the help of a good Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) and there’s hardly anything else better than Clomid.

Remember that Clomid is not mimicking LH in the body as HCG does – this is the main reason why Clomid can be used as a PCT while HCG cannot. So, when more gonadotropins are released by using Clomifene, these are some hormones that stimulate a faster and a higher release of FSH and LH. When this occurs, your body is producing more testosterone.

In short – Clomid stimulates hypophysis. This makes your body to get more gonadotropins and more gonadotropins results in more FSH and LH and more FSH and LH results in more testosterone levels.

How to Take Clomid? | Clomid for Men?

Clomid containing Clomiphene Citrate for men is usually have a pretty conservative dosage when it comes to a good PCT plan that won’t offer nasty side effects. Clomiphene is having a half life of approximately 5-7 days but it still needs some time to build up in your system and therefore you need to use it on a daily basis.

Dosages anywhere between 50 up to 100 mg a day are usually just enough to do an amazing job for nearly anyone. There are studies which prove that a dosage of 150 mg a day of Clomid would offer an increase in testosterone levels as high as 150%.

There are people reporting to have used doses as high as even 200 mg or even 300 mg a day, but such high doses are barely any more effective, but they are offering much higher side effects. Usually, higher doses are required only by those who went through a really harsh steroid cycle. Do not use higher doses than needed as higher doses results in more side effects.

Clomid Side Effects | Clomiphene Side Effects

As mentioned earlier, ClomidClomiphene side effects are directly related with the dosage. By lowering the dosage you are greatly going to lower the chances of getting negative side effects. By increasing the dosage (which usually means doses higher than 200 mg a day), some users are suggesting that they are feeling “depressed” and they are feeling bad and emotional.

Other side effects that were noticed is that men were noticing a great increase in their libido, ejaculation volume etc. during the time of using Clomid which are not really bad side effects.

Most of the side effects are noticed by females using this compound in higher doses and for longer periods of times. Side effects of Clomid uses as a PCT plan in normal doses is rarely results in negative side effects.

In fact, by using anabolic steroids and not using a good PCT plan (where Clomid is one of the best) you are much more likely to get negative effects that can be really bothering compared to using this product, especially in normal doses.

Where to Buy Clomid?

Clomid can be purchased from Dragon Pharma and customers are guaranteed to get the highest quality and purest Clomiphene (or Clomifene) Citrate medicine that is extremely famous in bodybuilding communities. Customers get a high quality product that is super helpful and very famous and they get it for a very low price.

Remember that when you plan running any anabolic steroids, you already should be planning to get Clomid because this is one of the best PCT medicines out there and that’s extremely important for everyone who is using anabolic and androgenic steroids (AAS).