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Masteron 200

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What is Masteron 200 by Dragon Pharma?

Masteron 200 by Dragon PharmaDrostanolone Enanthate is the active ingredient that is found in Masteron which is also called Masteron Enanthate but is offered as the brand name Masteron 200 manufactured by Dragon Pharma and offered for a very low price.

Masteron Enanthate and Masteron 200 manufactured by Dragon Pharma are both the same product offering Drostanolone as the active ingredient with the Enanthate attached ester responding for a delayed release of the main compound in the system and therefore for the half life of the compound. More about this later on.

Drostanolone Enanthate might also be found as other brand names except for Masteron, but the price is what makes Masteron 200 by Dragon Pharma a favorite anabolic and androgenic steroid.

Masteron with active substance Drostanolone is a derivative synthetic steroid from DHT and it was firstly mentioned and used in medical settings back in 1960s pretty much as a lot of other AAS out there – for helping to treat advanced breast cancer. Despite being an old steroid, this compound is very widely used and is very popular for physique and performance enhancing purposes used by athletes and bodybuilders.

This anabolic steroid is not very powerful on paper as it offers anabolic to androgenic ratio of only 62 to 25 and that’s much lower compared to other steroids. Nonetheless, do not think that this is an ineffective steroid only because of those numbers. While it might be ineffective when used alone or when used for gaining muscles – Masteron has a unique set of properties making it very effective when used properly.

Masteron Enanthate Half Life | Drostanolone Enanthate Half Life

Masteron Enanthate sold as Masteron 200 containing Drostanolone with the attached ester Enanthate is offering a half life of about 7-10 days and that’s because of the attached ester.

There’s also Drostanolone Propionate known as Masteron Propionate or Masteron 100 offered by Dragon Pharma having a shorter half life of only 1-3 days because of the ester.

The ester is responding for a delayed release of the ingredient in the body and different esters offers different time releases. Because of the long half life, you are good to go with only twice a week administration, which is an advantage over Masteron Propionate. But it has disadvantages too such as longer detection time.

In the end, there’s not too much difference between these 2 compounds.

What Does Masteron Do? | What is Drostanolone Enanthate Used For? | Drostanolone Uses

Masteron offering Drostanolone is mainly used as a cutting steroid, however it can be used in bulking cycles too. It is working as an aromatase inhibitor and that’s why is working in synergy with bulking compounds.

But most often is used as a finisher product, being considered a cosmetic steroid because is used before shows when muscle definition is important. Is often stacked with Trenbolone, Testosterone as well as Winstrol, but it works very good with most other steroids.

The compound is very rarely used alone because is not very effective for gaining muscle mass, but is amazing for hardening, cutting and is also having a very helpful property of strongly binding to SHBG. This makes other steroids stacked with Masteron to work better.

Also, users using Masteron are already pretty lean before running it because the compound is best used when body fat is lower than 12%. The lower the body fat – the more helpful Drostanolone is.

So, is used as an aromatase inhibitor, as an effectiveness enhancer of other steroids and for hardening effects of muscles.

How to Use Masteron Enanthate 200? | Masteron Dosage | Drostanolone – Masteron Cycle

Masteron should be used in combination with other steroids only. Regardless if you’re using bulking steroids for getting big and using Drostanolone for counter acting the estrogenic side effects or for getting a shredded physique during the cutting cycles.

Because of the long half life, you can use it twice a week with big success. Just split up the total weekly dose in 2 even halves. Most often, doses start at about 400 mg per week and can be as high as 1000 mg per week or even more. Cycle length of Drostanolone are anywhere between 8 to 10 weeks. Some users are running it for longer periods, but it depends on the goals and experience.

Sweet spot for Masteron dosage is 500-600 mg a week with cycle length of 10 weeks. For this reason, we would recommend to start with Masteron 500 mg weekly and 350 mg of Testosterone Enanthate weekly all for 10 weeks.

Remember to add helpful supplements and aids as well as the cycle should be followed by a good Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) protocol. Notice that no aromatase inhibitor was added despite the fact that Testosterone is present – that’s due to Masteron’s aromatase inhibitor properties.

Masteron Side Effects | Drostanolone Side Effects | Side Effects of Masteron 200 Enanthate

As mentioned, MasteronDrostanolone is having aromatase inhibiting (AI) properties and with this being said, is quite obvious that Masteron does not aromatize and does not offer estrogenic based side effects. In fact, this compound helps to fight them off.

Masteron is going to lower or avoid getting such side effects as water retention and gynecomastia. In addition to that, Masteron is not very hepatotoxic offering nearly no damage to the liver. Nonetheless, running a liver supplement with any given steroid is always a good idea.

Nonetheless, as all other steroids, Drostanolone is testosterone suppressive meaning that a PCT plan is still very required, otherwise you would run into low testosterone condition after you stop taking this compound.

In addition to that, it does offer androgenic steroids – in the end, this is a DHT derivative compound and such side effects are possible to occur. Hair loss, aggression, acne, oily skin and other DHT related side effects can occur.

Plus to that, women are very possible to get virilizing side effects such as enlarged clitoris, menstrual irregularities, abnormal hair growth on face and body; deepening of the voice and others. This means that women are basically turned into men.

Women prefer much more Anavar compared to Drostanolone because is much safer and much more efficient for them.

Where to Buy Masteron Enanthate? | Buy Drostanolone Enanthate | Buy Masteron 200

Drostanolone Enanthate found as Masteron Enanthate or Masteron 200 manufactured by Dragon Pharma can be purchased for extremely low prices. One big problem with Masteron is the price as many people tend to think that is not very cost effective.

This issue got solved with Masteron 200 by Dragon Pharma thanks to its low price. This is a pretty mild steroid in terms of side effects and it can be ineffective if not used properly. However, if the individual would use the compound as needed – Drostanolone can be an extremely effective steroid with unique abilities. SHBG binding, aromatase inhibiting and hardening effects are the most notorious properties of Drostanolone making this compound very popular for physique and performance enhancement purposes but mainly physique, since is considered by many a cosmetic steroid.