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Trenbolone 100

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What is Trenbolone 100 by Dragon Pharma?

Trenbolone 100 by Dragon PharmaTrenbolone Acetate sold as the brand name Trenbolone 100 among others is a very famous steroid in bodybuilding industry because it has a lot of success among athletes, powerlifters and bodybuilders in power sports, mainly in powerlifting and bodybuilding. That’s thanks to its very high anabolic effects that are greatly valued because is offering amazing results.

Trenbolone 100 is manufactured by Dragon Pharma and this product is offered for a very low price so the customers can get this very powerful steroid for a very low price. In fact, this is a steroid considered among the best and most powerful steroids ever created. Tren Acetate is considered by many to be the best steroid for cutting purposes because it helps you both to lose body fat and gain new muscle mass getting you shredded and muscular.

Trenbolone Acetate is an esterified form of Acetate among others such as Trenbolone Enanthate and Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate or shortly Hexa better known as Parabolan. The compound is coming with the essential oil called Acetate that is making the half life of this steroid to be up to 3 days. The ester is responsible for the delayed release of the hormone in the body, but in the end, regardless which Trenbolone form you are using, you receive Trenbolone.

Trenbolone Acetate has been discovered many years ago in 1980s and nowadays is among the most powerful steroids out there for bodybuilders and powerlifters. It does not have any medical uses but is still very popular for physique and performance enhancement purposes.

The compound is used only as a veterinary medicine, but if given to humans, the compound is expected to be very helpful against osteoporosis, treatment of muscular atrophy and many other diseases associated with weight loss and wasting syndromes.

Trenbolone Acetate Half Life

As it was already mentioned, this compound is coming in the oil based Acetate solution which is offering the compound a half life of 3 days. This is the shortest version of Trenbolone except for the Trenbolone Suspension that is not having any esters attached. But comparing to other esterified forms – Trenbolone Acetate has the shortest half life of 3 days, because Trenbolone Enanthate offers a half life of 7-10 days while Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate or simply Hexa known as Parabolan offers a half life of 14-18 days.

Shorter half life of steroids are having advantages and disadvantages which is making a person decide what type of steroid he needs (long or short based).

What is Trenbolone Acetate Used For? | Trenbolone 100 Uses

As said, Trenbolone Acetate does not have any medical uses – this is a compound used only for veterinary medicine uses, however is still very widely used by humans, by those who are searching to increase their physique and performance.

This is a very famous AAS for such purposes because of its very high anabolic to androgenic properties. The compound is extremely versatile and therefore it can be used for nearly any given purposes – both during the period when a person needs to get huge and gain size, or during the period of drying and getting shredded. That’s because the compound cannot aromatize offering no estrogenic activity but is having a huge anabolic and androgenic activity 5 times more compared to Testosterone.

Therefore, this is the best product for a cycle when you need to add pure quality mass and power / strength levels. The fact that it cannot aromatize is considered a very big advantage of Trenbolone because no water retention or bloating can occur – which is why is very good for cutting cycles.

Also, due to its huge potency, the compound doesn’t require too high doses for being extremely helpful when used for physique and performance enhancement purposes.

The compound is very effective when you’re drying because it helps to burn fat and is offering muscle mass and strong muscles. It has no aromatization; offer strong dry set effects and hardening effects with maximum muscle relief and all while remaining safe when used properly.

Trenbolone Acetate Dosage | How to Use Trenbolone? | Trenbolone 100 Dose

Those people who are using this compound in normal doses are going to stay away from side effects while they would be able to gain as high as 10 kg of pure and dry muscle mass in a single course that is usually lasting 6-8 weeks with Trenbolone Acetate found in Trenbolone 100 made by Dragon Pharma.

The compound should be used carefully because is very powerful, it must be used by intramuscular injection on a daily basis because it offers a pretty short half life so a daily administration would maintain your blood levels stable.

You need to start off with half a ml per day before work out. This would offer 50 mg a day and 350 mg a week. One full mg per day offering 700 mg a week is absolutely maximum that you should try.

It can be used in cutting and bulking cycles, depending on your ultimate goals, you might add other steroids of your wish as Trenbolone is very versatile can be stacked very well with nearly any other steroids.

Trenbolone Side Effects | Trenbolone Acetate – 100 Side Effects

Trenbolone does offer side effects and they are “possible” unlike what many people tend to think that they are ensured from the first dosage of Trenbolone. Lower tolerance to the compound might offer side effects and especially higher dosage than required are ensuring side effects that you won’t be able to tolerate.

Anyway, side effects can be controlled or avoided by using this product responsible. Also, you would require a good PCT plan, aids and supplements, a healthy lifestyle with diet and cardio training as well as multiple factors such as not having pre existent health issues which might get worse etc.

Most common side effects of Trenbolone are including: androgenic side effects especially aggression and virilization for women, night sweats, natural testosterone inhibition for men which is required a good PCT plan; dark colored urine; it would “kill” your cardio by making your endurance lower; gynecomastia in rare situations; inability to reach orgasm; loss of hair as well as coughing spells after the injection of Trenbolone Acetate.

Where to Get Trenbolone Acetate? | Where to Buy Trenbolone For Sale | Trenbolone 100

Trenbolone Acetate offered as Trenbolone 100 by Dragon Pharma is an extremely high quality and pure anabolic and androgenic steroid that is capable to offer results that no other steroid might.

In fact, many steroid users are resorting to Trenbolone when no other steroids are capable to make them grow further and they have great success. While the compound is super helpful due to its high potency, it might be dangerous if abused, that’s why stay away from abusive dosage as it is very helpful even in lower doses.

Taking in consideration the fact that is super helpful in low doses and is already offered for a very low price by Dragon Pharma and in the same time is super powerful, safe when used in normal doses and of a high quality and purity – this is one of the best deals that you can have on getting helpful steroids for physique and performance enhancement purposes.