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Winstrol 50

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What is Winstrol 50 by Dragon Pharma?

Winstrol 50 mg by Dragon PharmaWinstrol is the brand name of the active substance Stanozolol and this is an extremely famous anabolic and androgenic steroid. In fact, Winstrol is considered one of the best steroids out there, one of the most famous and widely used all over the world and that’s why, if you have at least a bit of knowledge on steroids, you most likely heard about Winstrol or Stanozolol often called Winny.

Bodybuilders and athletes are appreciating the properties of this compound extremely much and that’s because Stanozolol is one of the best things out there for making you lose extra weight, give you a huge muscle definition, get you shredded and offer a hardening effect.

Stanozolol has been firstly released on the market during 1960s (the golden era of steroids) and since then it got a huge popularity both in medical settings used to help with different health issues as well as in fitness industry for physique and performance enhancement purposes. The compound was originally designed to help people suffering from multiple diseases like osteoporosis and it does seem that the designers succeeded.

Winstrol is coming in form of injectable and in oral tablets and tablets are by far the most preferred method of using the compound and Winstrol by Dragon Pharma comes in 2 dosage strength of 10 mg and 50 mg with this specific compound offering 50 mg per tablet.

Exactly as many other steroids out there such as Anavar, this compound is a DHT derived product which means that no aromatization would occur. Offering some amazing cutting properties – this compound is one the top 3 of the best and most famous cutting steroids available.

Stanozolol is sold as many other brand names except for Winstrol and by many other pharmaceutical companies. However, Winstrol from Dragon Pharma is the best in terms of price vs quality you can find.

What Does Winstrol Do? | What is Stanozolol Used For?

As mentioned, StanozololWinstrol is having various medical uses but is very widely used for physique and performance enhancement purposes too. When used for treating some health issues, the compound has been found useful for treating venous insufficiency as it stimulates blood fibrinolysis and can treat more advanced skin changes in venous diseases. It can be used for treating hereditary angioedema and other health conditions.

When used for physique and performance enhancement, you can expect this compound to stimulate both protein synthesis and erythropoietin production. Stanozolol is strongly and directly binding to the androgen receptors, pretty much like all other steroids out there. Those are the receptors that are found in muscle and bone tissues and are having an extremely important role when it comes to muscle building process.

Other than this, Stanozolol is strongly binding to the SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) which is a hormone that is neutralizing the effectiveness of steroids. In other words, by using Stanozolol concomitantly with other steroids – their effectiveness would get enhanced and you receive maximum out of it.

Other than that, WinstrolWinny has been found to be extremely helpful when it comes to lose extra weight as it has very good cutting abilities so you can expect to lose body fat. This is the reason why Winstrol is mainly used only in cutting cycles. Is very rarely or never used for bulking because there are much better options, when a user needs to lift heavy weights, losing weight is not the best thing because of ligaments and joints that can be damaged in process. Winstrol is known to offer joints pains too.

With all of this being said, there are better options than Winstrol for bulking cycles when you need to get big, huge size, lift heavy weights etc. But there is hardly anything better than this steroid when it comes to cutting cycles if you need to get lean, shredded with vascularity and losing body fat while preserving muscle mass.

Winstrol offers no estrogenic related side effects, offers a huge anabolic activity of 320 and androgenic activity of 30 which is very favorable for every bodybuilder and athlete.

Winstrol Cycle | Winstrol Dosage | Stanozolol Dosage | Stanozolol Dose

Remember that Winstrol is very hepatotoxic and for this reason, cycle length and dosage never should be exceeded than what is recommended. Usually, Winstrol cycle is lasting anywhere between 4 up to 6 weeks. We recommend to start slowly and increase only if needed.

Also, is very recommended to use some supplements and cycle support product during the cycle that is going to help to protect your liver all other organs from being damaged. It is very important to understand – Winstrol is a powerful steroid and that’s why it can be dangerous if abused, but is being very effective even at very low doses.

Anywhere in between 25 mg up to 100 mg a day is absolutely everything that anyone would require. We recommend lower doses but it seems that 50 mg a day is the best dosage for most people. This dosage would offer a huge increase in overall performance, without water weight and putting muscle mass.

Oral Winstrol should be used at least twice a day for maintaining stable blood levels as it has a short half life of only 9 hours or so. Very often, this compound is stacked with other cutting steroids such as Anavar and others. It can be stacked with injectables too (like some form of testosterone) and many others.

Winstrol Side Effects | Stanozolol Side Effects

WinstrolStanozolol does offer side effects and they can be bad if the compound is abused. The most common side effects of Winstrol includes: acne; nausea; testosterone inhibition; liver damage / strain; joint pains as well as negative effects on your cardiovascular health. One of the worst side effect includes the fact that the compound is very hepatotoxic.

Its hepatotoxicity is what makes Winstrol a compound that should be used alongside with helpful supplements for liver and is recommended to have liver tests just to make sure that you tolerate this AAS well enough.

While WinstrolStanozolol is a compound that indeed can offer negative effects, the side effects are still not as bad as for example Trenbolone. Remember that there might be other side effects that were not mentioned here. Androgenic related side effects can occur including virilizing side effects for females using Winny.

Is very important not to run this steroid for longer periods and do not use higher doses than required. Winstrol, however, will not aromatize regardless of the dosage and this means that no estrogen related side effects would occur with Stanozolol compounds. Estrogen related side effects mostly include: gynecomastia, water retention, heart issues, hypertension and others.

Where to Buy Winstrol 10 by Dragon Pharma? | Where to Buy Stanozolol For Sale?

Winstrol containing Stanozolol often called Winny is an extremely famous and extremely widely used steroid all over the world for many various uses. Except for being a helpful compound for various health conditions where is being used in medical settings, Stanozolol is considered to be the best top 3 cutting steroids in existence.

Customers can save big amounts of money by getting Winstrol 50 from Dragon Pharma because you receive same high quality Stanozolol compound but for a discounted price. StanozololWinstrol is one of the best steroids for cutting purposes – allowing you to maintain a lot of muscle mass while you lose a lot of body fat.