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What is Aromasin by Dragon Pharma?

AromasinAromasin which is containing the active substance Exemestane is a product that is belonging to a class and category of medications known as Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) but Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) are known to belong to an even wider type of drugs that is called Anti Estrogens alongside with SERMs – Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators. This means that Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) including Aromasin, Arimidex and Femara alongside with Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs) including Nolvadex, Clomid are all forming up Anti Estrogens.

Nonetheless, there’s a huge difference in how they treat the estrogen issues and in how they are working and that’s why there’s a huge difference between AIs and SERMs despite all of them being considered Anti Estrogens.

Aromasin is the product manufactured by Dragon Pharma containing Exemestane as the active substance; however, Exemestane might be sold as other brand names either. Dragon Pharma is focused in selling high quality products intended to help people who need products for physique and performance enhancement offering them for low prices.

Aromasin, being an AI, is very famous for bodybuilders because this is a product which can offer the estrogenic protection during the administration with aromatizable compounds. In short, customers are able to get a very high quality product from Dragon Pharma that is offered for a price which can make you save a lot of money and still receiving an amazing product when it comes to lower the estrogen related side effects.

Medically, this compound is used for treating breast cancer and for preventing it. The compound is used for treating hormonal positive breast cancer. Those are breast cancers that need estrogen for growing and that’s why they are called hormonal positive breast cancer.

Why is Aromasin containing Exemestane both helpful for bodybuilders and females with breast cancer? Because in both cases the negative effects are offered by estrogen. AromasinExemestane is blocking the synthesis of estrogen. This is lowering down the estrogen level and is therefore slowing down the formation of cancers and negative effects for bodybuilders using steroids.

What is Aromasin Used For? | What is Exemestane Used For?

As mentioned, Aromasin is used for breast cancer in medical settings but this is a compound that is expected to be very helpful against gynecomastia in men. In fact, this has been proven by the use of Aromasin by bodybuilders who require estrogen protection.

There are certain anabolic and androgenic steroids (AAS) that are converting to estrogen in the body. Some good examples includes: all testosterone and nandrolone esters, boldenone as well as Dianabol and most of all other bulking steroids out there are converting to estrogen. By not controlling the estrogen levels, this would lead to way too high levels and this leads to gynecomastia; hypertension- high blood pressure; heart issues; water retention etc.

By using AromasinExemestane concomitantly with the steroid, your estrogen levels would be controlled and hence you get no side effects related to estrogen.

How Exemestane does it? This is a suicidal aromatase inhibitor (AI) unlike any other AIs out there like Arimidex or Femara which means that is disabling the aromatase enzyme once and forever as soon as the compound is binding to the enzyme.

Shortly – aromatase inhibitors are binding to the aromatase enzyme responsible for creating estrogen and by doing so, estrogen flow is significantly reduced. However, ExemestaneAromasin is binding to the enzyme permanently and this is preventing the currently bound enzymes from rebounding. That’s something that other Aromatase Inhibitors do not have and therefore the enzymes can rebound which might cause “estrogen rebound”.

Aromasin is extremely effective at lower doses meaning that estrogen levels can be reduced by up to 85%. Plus to that, Aromasin is considered to be milder and not as harsh as for example Letrozole. So it remains effective and safe.

Aromasin Dosage | Exemestane Dosage | Exemestane 25 mg Administration

Aromasin containing Exemestane is a product that is coming in oral form which should be taken by mouth on a daily basis because studies done suggest that Aromasin offers a half life of only 25-27 hours. Using it at least every other day is recommended.

Dosage of AromasinExemestane, pretty much as with any other AIs out there, greatly depends on the steroid dosage – on how harsh the steroid cycle is. For example, if you do not use aromatizable compounds or a mild aromatizable steroid in low doses, you might not require Aromasin at all.

However, if you combine 2 or even 3 very aromatizable compounds in high doses during an aggressive bulking cycle, dosage of AromasinExemestane should be much higher.

Nonetheless, most doses fall in the range of 12.5 mg every other day up to 25 mg on a daily basis. We recommend to start slowly and then increase the dosage as needed. Do not abuse the compound or you will get side effects.

Aromasin Side Effects | Exemestane Side Effects

Side effects of Aromasin containing Exemestane are practically inexistent when a bodybuilder is using this compound responsible. Bodybuilders who are using this compound in normal dosages are rarely getting any side effects. Some users reports might suggest that you may get some joint pain from dryness and also you may get headaches and insomnia.

Nonetheless, usually, by lowering the dosage the individual is lowering the side effects. By using way too high doses, you are very likely to run into estrogen deficiency. Too much inhibition of estrogen is never a good idea because this may lead to depression, even loss of muscle mass, loss of libido, erectile dysfunction and many other negative effects.

Most often, side effects of Aromasin are seen in females only because they require this compound in much larger doses than men for estrogenic protection and they also require this compound for a much longer period of time.

Bodybuilders are rarely getting side effects out of using Aromasin and in fact, if they would run aroamtizable steroids without any estrogenic protection like the one received from AromasinExemestane, you are much more likely to get unwanted side effects.

Where to Buy Aromasin Bodybuilding? | Where to Buy Exemestane 25 mg?

Anyone who is thinking to run aromatizable steroids for getting big, they should think about getting an aromatase inhibitor (AI) first such as AromasinExemestane that is a very famous product for estrogenic protection during the administration with anabolic and androgenic steroids (AAS).

This is a preferred product to a lot of people mainly because it does not have the risk of estrogen rebound when you stop using this compound as with any other AIs out there.

If you’re worried about the quality – Dragon Pharma is a very famous pharmacy company that is reputable for offering extremely high quality and purity of their drugs and all of that in combination with extremely low prices that are affordable to everyone.