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What is Arimidex by Dragon Pharma?

Arimidex by Dragon PharmaArimidex is a product manufactured by Dragon Pharma which is offering a very high quality active substance and chemical name – Anastrozole. Arimidex is the trade name which is used by many pharmaceutical companies but Anastrozole might be sold as many other brand names.

Arimidex is manufactured by Dragon Pharma and is offered for an extremely low price, however everyone is assured that the quality is not compromised so everyone is receiving a high amount and purity of Anastrozole of high quality with each Arimidex tablet.

Anastrozole has been patented in 1987 and is currently on the World Health Organization’s list of essential medicines being considered as one of the most effective and safe medicines. This is a drug that is medically used for treating breast cancer – for hormone receptor positive breast cancer as well as for preventing breast cancer.

Nonetheless, Anastrozole found in Arimidex manufactured by Dragon Pharma is also having some other uses as well as is a very highly valued medicine in bodybuilding communities and that’s because Arimidex has been found to be an extremely helpful medication for lowering the estrogen related side effects during the administration with aromatizable steroids.

Anastrozole is found in Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) class of drugs because it works by blocking the production of the estrogens in the body. Offering anti estrogenic effects, this compound is an anti estrogen. AIs alongside with SERMs – Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (such as Clomid or Nolvadex) form up an even wider class of drugs – anti estrogens. But AIs and SERMs greatly differ from each other in terms of mechanism of action.

Dragon Pharma manufacturing different sorts of medications which are intended to help with physique and performance enhancement or offering medications that are meant to offset the negative effects of PEDs and steroids uses, no wonder that Arimidex is also found here as is considered an extremely famous and widely used medicine in fitness and bodybuilding industry.

What is Arimidex Used For? | What is Anastrozole Used For? | Arimidex by Dragon Pharma

Arimidex containing Anastrozole is used for breast cancer treatments as what is being known as an adjunct treatment. This means that there are additional treatments when other standard treatments have failed to offer proper results and expectations. So, Anastrozole is mainly being used for treatment or as a prevention of breast cancer in women. However, it can be used for preventing or treating gynecomastia in men and also it has been found helpful for early pubery in combination with other drugs.

For bodybuilders, this compound is very helpful when it comes to estrogen related side effects that are induced by some steroids uses. There are some aromatizable steroids that are converting into estrogen in the body and this leads to too high levels of estrogen and therefore side effects.

Not all steroids are aromatizable, but nearly all “bulking” steroids meant to make you grow fast and efficiently such as Dianabol, Boldenone, Deca Durabolin and all testosterone esters are aromatizable.

Anastrozole is working by reversibly binding to the aromatase enzyme, the enzyme that is producing estrogens. Through competitive inhibition – it blocks the conversion of the androgens to estrogens and therefore this compound has been found to be as effective as blocking anywhere between 85% up to 98% or even more in doses as low as 1 mg up to 10 mg a day.

By blocking the estrogen conversion, some side effects such as gynecomastia, water retention, high blood pressure, loss of energy, heart strain and others are all blocked when using an aromatase inhibitor.

Arimidex Dosage | Arimidex Bodybuilding Dose | Arimidex For Men

Usually, dosages are different for everyone. It greatly depends on genetics, how well you respond to the medicine as well as how harsh is the aromatizable steroid cycle. Usually, a blood work is great when it comes to determine the dosage.

There are people who are getting enough help with a dosage as low as 0.5 mg used every other day and there are nearly no cases when a man would require more than 1 mg a day. Half life of AnastrozoleArimidex is about 46 hours – this is a compound that tends to build up in your system so give it a few days until you would start getting the maximum effectiveness.

We recommend to use ArimidexAnastrozole for the entire steroid cycle and to start very slowly at 0.5 mg every other day at most. If you feel that this dosage is not enough (after few days), only then you can increase to 1 mg every other day or 0.5 mg on a daily basis.

Dosage of this compound is steroid dose dependent. Also, do not use more than required. By using way too high doses, you would inhibit too much estrogen. Do not think that a man won’t require estrogen. Without enough estrogen (which is common when abusing such drugs) you get nasty side effects.

Arimidex Side Effects | Anastrozole Side Effects  Side Effects of Anastrozole

Side effects of AnastrozoleArimidex is rarely occurring among bodybuilders who are using this product responsible. In fact, adverse effects are much more likely to occur if you would run aromatizable steroids without any estrogenic protection like the one Anastrozole can offer.

That’s why, in the end, using Anastrozole is very important for avoiding side effects, however using Anastrozole in lower doses is extremely important as well for avoiding negative side effects associated with way too high estrogen inhibition which may be the result of using too high doses of Arimidex – this is a potent aromatase inhibitor so do not use more than required.

Side effects of Arimidex itself for bodybuilders practically do not appear. There are extremely low situations in which bodybuilders using this compound in normal doses would get side effects. That’s because side effects are mainly noticed only in female uses when females need much higher doses and for a much longer period of time.

Bodybuilders only require low doses and for a few weeks. Side effects are seen when using too much doses result in too low estrogen which may result in: loss of energy, erectile dysfunction; low libido, depression and other side effects.

Where to Buy Arimidex Dragon Pharma? | Where to Buy Anastrozole 1 mg?

Arimidex containing Anastrozole can be purchased directly from this page from Dragon Pharma manufacturing pharmacy for an extremely low price. Anastrozole 1 mg is a very powerful aromatase inhibitor which can do an amazing job when it comes to offer estrogenic protection during the administration with aromatizable or “wet” steroids.

Customers have the change to obtain this very high quality product for a very low price meaning that you save money while get a famous medicine which is mandatory for anyone who is planning to use some bulking steroids for not getting negative effects. Think about getting a good Aromatase Inhibitor before getting a steroid if you want to get big and remain healthy.