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Cut Long 300

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What is Cut Long 300 by Dragon Pharma?

Cut Long 300 by Dragon Pharma There’s an amazing product that is one of the best things you can get for losing weight while you get big and maintain muscle mass and the product is called Cut Long 300 and is manufactured by Dragon Pharma. This is a reputable pharmacy that is manufacturing only very high quality steroids and is offering them for some very low prices. Cut Long 300 is one of them and this is actually a product containing 3 different steroids as the main substance – Testosterone Enanthate; Trenbolone Enanthate and Drostanolone Enanthate. As much as we can notice, each of these compounds is coming with the Enanthate attached ester. The ester attached to the main compound is responsible for a delayed release of the main compound in the body after it got administration. Regardless to which compound the ester is attached, the release is the same. Enanthate is considered a fairly long ester and is offering quite a slow release. Enanthate is offering a half life of about 5-10 days and since same ester is attached to all compounds it means that Testosterone; Trenbolone and Drostanolone all received from the same compound would be release in the system at the same rate and would be flushed out at the same rate too. Cut Long 300 is offering very high quality steroids and it got the name “Cut” because this mixture is amazing for “cutting purposes” – those people who have knowledge on steroids already understand what I mean, “Long” because it offers long half life of each compound and “300” because each compound comes in a dosage of 100 mg per ml forming up a total of 300 mg per ml when used. These steroids are very often used together, mixed separately by many people for achieving huge results and effectiveness. Dragon Pharma has mixed them together which allows a person to use a single injection and receive everything needed (all 3 steroids) and Dragon Pharma is allowing you to save a lot of money compared to getting each of them separately. For understanding the compound “Cut Long 300” better, you need to understand each compound in particular.

Testosterone Enanthate

Testosterone Enanthate is one of the many esterified version of synthetic testosterone and is by far one of the most widely used steroids on the planet for various needs. It can be used in medical settings for various medical uses, but is also very famous for physique and performance enhancement. Synthetic testosterone is working the exact same way as naturally occurring testosterone without any differences at all. So, as is a very well known fact – testosterone is the main hormone for a male and is the essential hormone for a proper body function and grow. This is the most important hormone for growing muscles, having a good looking physique, increasing performance levels and many other benefits. With all of this being said, many people are trying to boost their testosterone levels in various ways, but receiving testosterone enanthate, you’re basically receiving more levels and you receive them fast.

Trenbolone Enanthate

Trenbolone Enanthate is an extremely powerful steroid that should be used with big care because the more powerful a steroid is – the more side effects it offers, so you need to use it in lower doses because it would remain effective and would be less dangerous in terms of side effects. Trenbolone Enanthate is offering an anabolic to androgenic rating of 500: 500 and this means that Trenbolone is basically 5 times more potent compared to testosterone. In addition – Trenbolone does not offer side effects related to estrogen because it cannot aromatize. In short, this means that Trenbolone is offering huge increases in muscle mass, strength levels and all of that without getting water weight. Trenbolone has been “crowned” as the best cutting steroid. While it might be dangerous if not used properly, Trenbolone is extremely powerful so a low dosage is enough to offer huge results.

Drostanolone Enanthate

Drostanolone Enanthate is a very unique steroid that is working pretty much like no other steroids out there. While Drostanolone is pretty much useless when used alone – the compound is super helpful when stacked. There are multiple reasons for that. Drostanolone is offering no estrogenic side effects, very mild anabolic and androgenic activity. Why would someone require this steroid then? Because it works like an aromatase inhibitor meaning that the testosterone received from Cut Long 300 would not offer estrogen related side effects thanks to Drostanolone and Trenbolone has no estrogen related side effects on its own. Other than that, Drostanolone is strongly binding to SHBG – a hormone that is making other steroids useless or less effective. When Testosterone and Trenbolone are being used alongside with Drostanolone – their effectiveness is getting enhanced. Plus, Drostanolone which might be known as Masteron is one of the best things out there for getting a shining hardening effect of your muscles.

Cut Long 300 Dosage

Taking in consideration that the most powerful steroid (by far) in Cut Long 300, you need to pay more attention to the dosage of Trenbolone. Taking in consideration that Trenbolone is effective anywhere between 200 up to 500 mg per week, we can assume that anywhere between 1 ml up to 5 ml per week is all you need. Taking in consideration the long half life of each compound (due to Enanthate ester), Cut Long 300 must be used once or maximum twice per week (every 5 or 7 days). We recommend to start slowly at 2 ml per week and reach 4 ml per week only if you’re experienced with steroids. Cycle length should be anywhere else between 6 up to maximum 10 weeks, but 6-8 weeks is the best. Remember with each ml you inject, you receive 100 mg of Trenbolone, Testosterone and Drostanolone.

Cut Long 300 Side Effects

Side effects of Cut Long 300 should not be associated with estrogen because the only aromatizable compound is Testosterone but you receive Drostanolone which is working as an Aromatase Inhibitor. Side effects that you are most likely going to receive are related to androgen which includes aggression, acne, hair loss, virilizing for women and others. Natural testosterone production is also going to be inhibited, negative effects on cardiovascular and cholesterol health are also possible. Side effects are most likely going to be associated with Trenbolone’s side effects because this is by far the most harshest steroid in this mixture. Use supplements, do not abuse the compounds and have a good PCT plan if you want to stay away from side effects.

Where to Buy Cut Long 300? | Buy Testosterone – Trenbolone – Drostanolone

Cut Long 300 containing Testosterone, Trenbolone and Drostanolone each with Enanthate attached ester is an extremely helpful product for physique and performance enhancement purposes especially when it comes to lose weight and maintain muscle mass. Cut Long 300 can be obtained from Dragon Pharma for a very low price and in the end, you will receive a mixture of one of the best steroids in the world for cutting purposes for very low prices. You save money, lose weight, get muscle mass and have no chances to regret it all.