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What Is Testosterone Enanthate?

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Testosterone is one of the most important things when it comes to your body growing, repairing and thriving. This hormone can be administered synthetically, coming as an anabolic and androgenic steroid medication that is mostly administered by men with low testosterone condition, but is used by bodybuilders and various other sportsmen for the same purpose – to increase testosterone levels.

If you are searching for methods to increase your testosterone levels, there’s no better and faster way that you could do it than using a testosterone compound and the most popular version is Testosterone Enanthate.


Testosterone itself is considered the king of anabolic hormones, is the “father” of most other anabolic agents taken in consideration that most of them are derived from testosterone. When testosterone levels are increased, your body starts working accordingly, and this results in various positive benefits, although too much testosterone may lead to negative side effects too. That’s why is extremely important to learn how to administer any testosterone compound in a responsible manner.


But generally, testosterone is used by people who are searching for the following effects on the body:

  • Muscles: increased protein synthesis leading to increased muscle mass and strength.
  • Body Fat: inhibits the update of fat and storage of fat as well as increasing the number of fat burning beta adrenergic receptors.
  • Kidneys: is boosting erythropoietin (EPO) and this is going to stimulate the production of red blood cells count.
  • Metabolism: increases metabolic rate leading to many benefits.
  • IGF-1: testosterone is known to increase insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) known to help grow muscles.
  • Immune system: is having a positive effects on the immune system of a person making the user less likely to get ill or sick.
  • Bones: increases red blood cell production as well as bone growth and helps maintain a normal bone density
  • Brain: improves motivation, cognition, memory, good effects on feelings, sex drive etc.

Testosterone has numerous other positive benefits.

What Specifically is Enanthate?


This is an attached ester to the main hormone testosterone, which is known to prolong the release of this hormone in the system after it was administered. Testosterone itself has a half life of a few hours, when Enanthate is added, testosterone is slowly entering your blood system, offering an overall half life of about 7-10 days.

Enanthate is only added to increase the half life of the compound, and different esters are offering different half lives. For example: Propionate 1-3 days, Cypionate 10-13 days.

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  • Testosterone Enanthate is considered the most famous testosterone version because is perfect in terms of release times.

It has enough half life to stay away from often administration frequency (it comes as injection) so you only need to administer it 1-2 times a week but in the same time is shorter than other testosterone esters having shorter detection times and reaching peak blood levels faster.

The compound is considered amazing in terms of maintaining stable blood levels, reaching peak levels fast, not having too long detection time and not requiring too often administration schedule. Other testosterone versions are either taking too long to reach peak blood levels (longer ones) or require too often administration (shorter ones).


Testosterone Enanthate is having various medical purposes, but is also very widely used by bodybuilders. In both cases, the compound is used for increasing testosterone levels. Testosterone Enanthate is considered by far one of the most popular esters out there specifically for its half life that is not too long, nor too short.

  • Testosterone Enanthate is used anywhere between 250 mg and 1000 mg per week. Nonetheless, doses higher than 750 mg per week increase the risk chances of receiving negative side effects. That’s why we recommend to start slowly and then increase the dosage slowly according to your needs and how you feel it.
  • Because Testosterone Enanthate takes about 4 weeks until it fully kicks in, the cycle lengths are usually no shorter than 8 weeks, nonetheless, most cycles are 10-12 weeks. Some people use it for as long as 14 weeks or even 16 weeks.


The compound is stacked with whatever compound of your choice, it can be a bulking or a cutting agent. That’s because testosterone does a great job both in bulking and cutting cycles. It depends on the dosage, whilst the dosage depends on your ultimate goal and some other factors.

In the end, Testosterone Enanthate is an extremely popular androgenic and anabolic steroid (AAS) that is used for many different needs by many different people for the same purpose – increase testosterone levels.

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