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Anadrol Cycle

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Anadrol cycles are extremely popular among men who want to pack on a lot of muscle mass. Oxymetholone (Anadrol) is known for its ability to grow immense amounts of muscles and gain strength really fast.

Most athletes and bodybuilders would agree with the fact that Anadrol is the strongest and best oral steroid for bulking purposes. However, you’ve got to know that being so powerful, Anadrol is known to cause harsh side effects.

That’s why Anadrol cycles are not recommended to beginners. There are many people who couldn’t end an Anadrol cycle due to the negative effects. So, you can either make Anadrol your best friend with a huge and quick increase in strength and muscles, or you can make it your worst enemy in terms of liver damage and developed man boobs.

  • That’s all that Oxymetholone (Anadrol) is capable of doing. It very much depends on the Anadrol cycle. So, better learn how to run this steroid properly.


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How to Run Anadrol?

Before you plan the Anadrol cycle, there are various things you should know.

  • Anadrol comes as pills. There is an Injectable Anadrol – Oxymetholone version but is highly unpopular. Injections have no advantages over pills, that’s why Anadrol is mostly used in oral form.
  • The half-life of Oxymetholone is 8-10 hours. That’s why the total daily dosage is used once a day, every day, same time of the day. But we recommend splitting the daily dosage used twice a day to maintain even more stable blood levels.
  • This AAS is very hepatotoxic. Use liver protection during the Anadrol cycle. Avoid anything else that can damage your liver (such as alcohol, other oral steroids, OTC drugs, etc.). Run it in proper dosage and cycle length.
  • Anadrol is sometimes used for cutting. But that’s very rare. It causes water retention and that’s why it is predominantly used for bulking purposes (during off season).
  • Oxymetholone doesn’t aromatize. But water retention, gynecomastia, high blood pressure, and other estrogenic issues are still possible. It binds directly to estrogen receptors. That’s why Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) would be useless with Anadrol. Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) can only help with gynecomastia as it binds to estrogen receptors in breast tissues. Hypertension caused by estrogen and water retention is harder to control.
  • The 8 weeks cycle length of Anadrol is too much for most people. 4-6 weeks are the best and most common Anadrol cycle lengths.
  • 100 mg a day is the absolute maximum you can use. But it’s too much for most people. 50 mg/day is the sweet spot. Even this dosage may be too much for some people so they run 25 mg/day.
  • Don’t run Oxymetholone as the first steroid. Never use Oxymetholone if you have never used other steroids before. Such as Testosterocyclne and Dianabol.


Anadrol Cycle Stacks

Anadrol is not used with oral steroids because of liver toxicity.

However, it is still better to run 50 mg/day of Anadrol and 50 mg/day of Dianabol rather than 100 mg/day of Anadrol. That’s because Anadrol is more liver toxic than Dianabol.

We don’t really recommend running the Anadrol only cycle.

It is best stacked with Testosterone, pretty much as with all other steroids. A third steroid added to the cycle is optional and only recommended if you have enough experience.

Since it is most commonly used for bulking, injectable bulking compounds are the most common additions.

They include Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone) and Trenbolone. But since Anadrol is quite a harsh steroid, it is wiser to run Anadrol with Deca Durabolin rather than Trenbolone which is another harsh steroid.

Only Anadrol Cycle

If you still plan to run Anadrol only cycle, you should know that the results might not be as expected and the side effects may be harsher.

Experienced users never run Anadrol alone, that’s why only the Anadrol cycle is mostly used by beginners.

It goes like 25-50 mg/day for 4-6 weeks.

Testosterone with Anadrol Cycle


This is the best duo you can run for bulking up. This stack is suitable for people who have enough experience with Testosterone and preferably other bulking steroids like Dianabol.

It goes like:

  • Week 1-10 Testosterone 500 mg/week
  • Week 1-6 Anadrol 50 mg/day

Professionals may attempt higher doses and/or cycle lengths like:

  • Week 1-10/12 Testosterone 500-700 mg/week
  • Week 1-4 Anadrol 50 mg/day then week 5-6/8 100mg/day

But instead of increasing dosage, they may add a third injectable like:

Deca Durabolin With Anadrol Cycle

  • Anadrol 50 mg/day, week 1-6
  • Deca Durabolin 400 mg/week for 11-12 weeks
  • Testosterone 600 mg/week, week 1-12

Sometimes, Deca Durabolin is changed to Trenbolone. But that’s attempted only by people who know exactly what they are doing and have enough experience with steroids. Sometimes even both are stacked, but that’s a harsh cycle!



Keep in mind the important factors about Anadrol before running a cycle with this harsh steroid. Additionally, remember that those were only examples. There are many other options for how people run an Anadrol cycle based on their own needs and preferences.

You’ll find the best quality Oxymetholone of the highest purity regardless of the brand you choose. For the best prices on the market too!

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