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How to Inject Testosterone?

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Testosterone is an oily solution meant for intramuscular injection. You need to use all other injectable anabolic steroids as intramuscular injections. That’s why is very important to learn how to give yourself an intramuscular shot if you want to start using steroids. While you may think that, you can get along using oral steroids only – that’s a huge mistake. Injectable steroids are actually safer than oral steroids. Per general. That’s because most oral steroids are hepatotoxic and highly affecting your cholesterol. Nonetheless, most injectable steroids are not hepatotoxic and they are not affecting cholesterol as much.

Moreover, testosterone (that comes as injections) is the first steroid I would recommend to beginners. Also, everyone running anabolic steroids needs to stack them with injectable testosterone. That’s because steroids are suppressive to natural testosterone. You need high testosterone levels during a cycle to get the best results.

With this mentioned, if you want to start your anabolic steroids journey – start learning “how to inject testosterone”. The same methods apply to other injectable steroids too.

  • You need to use testosterone as an intramuscular injection. So it’s essential to know how to give an intramuscular injection.


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The intramuscular shot is an injection of a medication (testosterone or whatever other) into the muscles. Anabolic and androgenic steroids including testosterone require an injection into the muscle to work. Common places of intramuscular shots are in the thigh or hip. But there are other testosterone injection sites too.

It’s great when you have someone experienced that can perform the injections for you and give you the intramuscular shots. However, we don’t always have someone willing or knowing how to do so, that’s why you need to learn how to inject testosterone and other injectable steroids yourself.

There’s absolutely no need to panic. It’s normal to be nervous about giving yourself a shot. At first, we all were. But this fear soon disappears as injecting testosterone becomes a routine. You wouldn’t even pay attention to it anymore.

It’s very important to follow all the steps pre and post injection too. This makes the injection much easier, pain free, and problemless.

Before Injecting Testosterone

First off – you need to determine the dosage and frequency of administration. We can help you determine it if you are searching for testosterone for physique and performance enhancement. If you got testosterone prescribed as a form of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) – follow your doctor’s introductions about frequency and dosage.

Before you start self-administration of testosterone, make sure you have all the required equipment. Have the syringes with all the needless, Band-Aids, alcohol wipes, and, of course, the testosterone solution.2ml-Syringe-Needle

I would recommend 20-21 g needles for making it easier to draw the solution out of the bottle. Also, I would recommend switching them for injection to 22-23 g needles. That’s not mandatory but may help reduce the infections risks and pains. If you use only one needle – go for 22-23 g needles only.

So, take the solution in your syringe and have it ready to inject. Make sure that the solution is at least at room temperature. Could try to heat up a little bit. This could help avoid PIP (Post Injection Pains) or reduce them.

How to Inject Testosterone Intramuscularly?

  1. Carefully wash your hands. They should be clean to avoid infections. Use enough antibacterial soap and water. Dry your hands.
  2. Choose the perfect spot. Large muscles are best. Commonly, either deltoids (upper arms), the thighs, or behind the hips are the best spots for intramuscular shots. Be sure that the muscle you choose to inject isn’t already sore. I would recommend keeping muscles relaxed during self-injection and making sure that the muscles aren’t sore. If they are and you are still performing it – that could lead to pains after performing the shot in those muscles.testosterone-injection-site-image
  3. Take the alcohol pads and carefully clean the skin where you plan to inject. It kills the bacteria on the skin, which is important to avoid infection. Let it dry.
  4. Remove the cap protecting the needle.
  5. Stretch the skin flat on the site you will inject. You can do it by using your fingers and thumb. It helps the needle pierce the skin easier.
  6. Keep the syringe like a dart above the injection site ready to inject. Do not keep your fingers on the plunger.
  7. Place the syringe at a 90-degree angle above the shot area while keeping it like a dart. The needle must stay straight up from the skin.
  8. Quickly plunge the needle all the way down. Do not be afraid and don’t insert only half the needle. Fully jab the needle into the skin fast.
  9. While you hold the syringe in place with one hand (usually the one you were stretching the skin), you need to pull back the plunger with the other hand (usually the one you were holding the syringe).
  10. Pull back the plunger very slowly. You need to do it to see if you’re drawing blood. If you do, then it means you hit a blood vessel. You shouldn’t inject if you hit a blood vessel. Pull back the needle out of the skin. It’s very important to get rid of the needle and I would actually recommend throwing away the syringe too and preparing a new syringe with the solution. Insert the needle in a different spot this time and make sure that there is no blood drawn.
  11. If you draw a little bit and there is no blood in the syringe, push the plunger at a controlled pace. Insert all the medication all the way in. Fully depress the plunger allowing the entire solution to go into the muscles.
  12. Take the needle out at the exact same angle that you inserted it.
  13. Apply some pressure over the injection site with a cotton swab to avoid bleeding and contamination. Do not rub the area to avoid bruising. Use your finger with the cotton swab to keep it there.

It’s extremely important to make sure that you won’t use the same syringe or needle twice. Dispose of everything you used and use new accessories with every new shot.

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