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Anavar Vs Anadrol

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Anavar and Anadrol are 2 extremely popular anabolic steroids in the world of fitness as they are both known to increase muscle mass with strength and boost performance levels. Nonetheless, very often people don’t know which one to choose as they don’t know which steroid suits up their needs best.

In fact, we’ve got to mention that Anavar and Anadrol, although they are both orally active steroids and although they are both dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derived steroids, they are not very commonly compared to each other.

That’s because anabolic steroids can be extremely different and that’s the case when talking about

Anadrol vs Anavar.

Dragon Pharma offers Anadrol as brand Oxymetholon – as the active substance of the compound.

Let’s talk about what these 2 steroids have in common, then we would share what makes them so different.

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Anavar Vs Anadrol Similarities

Both Anadrol and Anavar are orally active androgenic and anabolic steroids. They are compounds that come in form of oral pills and they are steroids, which interfere with your hormonal system.

In addition to that, these anabolic steroids were both derived from dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and this means that none of them would aromatize.

Both Anavar and Anadrol are super famous steroids because they are effective when talking about growing muscle mass and increasing strength levels.

They are both having favorable anabolic to androgenic ratio, although the numbers are a bit different.


Both Anadrol and Anavar are very well liked by people playing sports as well as bodybuilders for various purposes. They are capable to make you feel better, look better and definitely perform better as they have a positive effect on your metabolism, increased testosterone levels etc.

Yet, since they are both orally active steroids, both are hepatotoxic, plus, with both steroids you are capable to receive androgenic related side effects too and both are steroids and as any other – testosterone suppression is something that you should take in consideration after each cycle with each steroid.

Anavar Vs Anadrol Differences

Now, getting to the point – why these compounds are not very commonly compared? Because they are actually very different.

First and foremost – Anavar is a cutting steroid whilst Anadrol is a bulking steroid. You can use Anavar in bulking but is not going to be as effective, and you cannot get lean on Anadrol.

  • Despite the fact that both cannot aromatize being DHT derived steroids, Anadrol is still somehow stimulating estrogen receptors and is offering a high estrogenic activity, that’s why makes it such an ideal bulking steroid.
  • On the other hand, Anavar is doing an extremely good job at burning body fat whilst increasing lean muscle mass – making it an ideal cutting steroid.


  • Talking about growing muscle mass – Anadrol is way better than Anavar. You could expect a lot much more muscles being added with Anadrol than with Anavar.
  • But on the other hand, if you want muscle definition you definitely won’t have such amazing effects with Anadrol, compared to those that you would get with Anavar.

Anadrol, despite offering similar anabolic to androgenic ratio than those of Anavar, is considered a way much more powerful compound whilst Anavar is overall mild.

That’s why Anadrol is only recommended to absolute professionals whilst Anavar is often used by beginners and women.

Anadrol’s active substance is Oxymetholone whilst Anavar’s active substance is Oxandrolone. As much as we can see, both brand names and their active substances seem pretty close to each other, but make sure not to confuse them because final results are going to be completely different.

Lastly, there is also a price difference – Anadrol is cheaper than Anavar.


Anavar (Oxandrolone) is having its own advantages and disadvantages exactly as Anadrol (Oxymetholone). That’s why there is not a best steroid for everyone.

There may be a best steroid when comparing these 2 specifically for a person, depending on various factors such as size, goals, tolerance etc.

Anavar is much safer but won’t grow as much muscles as Anadrol.

Plus, Anadrol is way more effective, but you cannot get lean as you would on Anavar.

In the end, if you’re a man looking for serious gains and you have experience – go for Anadrol. If you’re a woman or a man without experience on steroids and you want to get lean or don’t need huge gains – go for Anavar.

Anavar-50mg-dragon-pharmaOxymetholon by Dragon Pharma

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On DragonPharma.to you can find both these anabolic steroids of best quality and lowest price. Choose Anavar Vs Anadrol and learn how to properly use them to get best results. Remember Anadrol by Dragon Pharma is offered as Oxymetholon.

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