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Anavar Dosage

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Anavar is a powerful steroid that is mild in terms of side effects. That’s the reason why Anavar ended up such a popular anabolic steroid for physique and performance enhancement purposes, despite it originally being synthesized for various medical purposes.

Anavar with the active substance Oxandrolone is often considered to be the best steroid in terms of benefits vs side effects ratio – that’s the main reason why is so popular among men, and is considered the best steroid among women.

Being a mild steroid, Anavar is often used in higher dosages by many people in order to achieve better results – but that’s a big mistake. Despite it being safer and milder, Anavar is still capable to offer nasty side effects and that’s why is so important to learn how to use it properly.

  • Anavar Dosage is the most important factor that come at play when talking about the effectiveness and side effects risks. Anavar dosage is what should be taken in consideration when you wonder why you get side effects and it also plays a role in how nasty those side effects can be. Pretty much as with any other steroid.

That’s why is so important to learn about the dosage and how to use it properly.

Anavar Dosage

Anavar is just the brand name but the active substance is Oxandrolone which is an orally active steroid.

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The anabolic steroid is taken on a daily basis and multiple times a day, in order to maintain stable blood levels and get maximum benefits.

Oxandrolone has a half life of only 9 hours and that’s why, for best results, people use it at least 2 times a day. They split the total daily Anavar dosage in 2 even halves. For example, if you use 50 mg a day, take 25 mg in the morning and 25 mg in the evening or before working out. There are those who use it 3 times a day to maintain even more stable levels.

Anavar dosage for a man is falling in the range of about 30 mg a day up to about 100 mg a day.

  • If you would attempt higher dosages – that’s going to be considered abuse.
  • Lower dosages than 30 mg a day is not enough to offer good enough results.
  • Nonetheless, the sweet spot for most men is 50 mg a day.


Anavar dosage for a woman is falling in the range of about 5 mg a day up to about 20 mg a day.

  • Higher dosages than 20 mg a day is going to offer nasty side effects.
  • Dosages that go over 10 mg a day increase the risks of side effects.
  • The sweet spot of Anavar dosage for women is 10 mg a day with 5 mg a day for beginners.


Anavar dosage is the most important thing that should be taken in consideration when you want to get high effectiveness and low side effects. Anavar (Oxandrolone) is indeed mild, but if a woman would use dosages more than 20 mg a day or a man dosages more than 100 mg a day – side effects are almost guaranteed.

Tolerance of a person, what other compounds are added during the Anavar cycle including other factors also come at play but what you’ve got to pay the biggest attention to is the Anavar cycle length.

Anavar Cycle

  • Anavar cycle for women: The good cycle with Anavar for women is 4 weeks. There are women who go up to 5-6 weeks, but that should be attempted only by advanced users and professionals who already have experience with Anavar (Oxandrolone) and they know what to expect out of it and how to control the side effects.

Shorter cycles won’t offer good results, but longer cycles greatly increase the risks of side effects such as virilizing side effects and liver issues.

  • Anavar cycle for men: The good Anavar cycle for man is 6 weeks. However, the beginners should go for 4 weeks only, whereas the professionals could go up to 8 weeks. Is highly recommended not to go over a cycle length of 8 weeks because Oxandrolone is C17 alpha alkylated and therefore – hepatoxic.

While Anavar is by far not as hepatotoxic as other products, is still very recommended to use it in short cycle lengths that never go over 8 weeks. Anavar dosage is also playing an extremely important role in how hepatotoxic it can be.


Anavar Dosage Conclusion

Mainly depending on how much experience you have with Anavar, it determines the best dosage of Anavar for you personally.

You could try with a low dosage and then increase as you feel that you need more and can tolerate more.

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