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Equipoise Results

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Equipoise is containing Boldenone Undecylenate as active ingredient and is an injectable anabolic steroid that is considered potent and highly beneficial when used for physique and performance enhancement purposes.

In the late years, the compound seem to gain more and more popularity and is believed that this is due to the fact that the compound is highly beneficial without being too dangerous in terms of side effects and with this being said, is quite obvious that more and more people are interested in checking what are Equipoise results.

Equipoise is often called shortly EQ, and that’s the brand name of Dragon Pharma Equipoise offered in 2 variants.

EQ 300 means there is 300 mg of Boldenone Undecylenate per ml. EQ 500 = 500 mg / ml.


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In this article, that’s what we are going to talk and we hope that this is going to be informative for those who need more info about it.

Equipoise Results Explained

So well, what are the results that users of this androgenic and anabolic steroid are capable to expect? Well, there are a few things we need to mention first. We are talking about Equipoise results in terms of using anabolic steroids for bodybuilding and athletic needs.

Also, when talking about Equipoise results is extremely important to know that they can be very different and vary from a person to person. First and foremost – it depends on the dosage administered during Equipoise cycle.

But there are various other factors to take in consideration, for example – your age, size, level of tolerance, experience with steroids, training level etc. Anyway, some of the best Equipoise results include:

  • Increased lean muscle mass
  • Decreased fat amount
  • Enhanced recovery level
  • Boosted strength and endurance
  • Improved physical appearance


Equipoise is mostly used for growing lean muscle mass and one of the best things about it is the fact that the EQ gains are not disappearing after the cycle as the gains are clean and quality.

Equipoise results are not noticed overnight as with other anabolic steroids that are way faster acting and kicking in your system, the gains from this steroid are slow, yet they are steady.


  • Users are capable to gain as much as about 30 pounds of muscle within a 12 weeks cycle of properly running EQ and unlike how it goes with other bulking steroids – almost all the gains are clean muscles.

But then again, that’s taken in consideration that the users of Boldenone Undecylenate are training hard and they are eating properly having a very good diet and an overall adequate healthy lifestyle.

  • Is also important to mention here that in order to achieve the best results, Equipoise is stacking very well with many other anabolic steroids.

When EQ is stacked with other steroids and is run properly in a cycle, you’re not going to be amazed by Equipoise results in terms of muscle growth, but you’re also going to appreciate the fat burning properties of this anabolic steroid, offering you a dry, solid and overall hard look that is perfect for the cutting cycles.

Another thing to mention here is the fact that Equipoise would increase your metabolism and this would lead to more energy levels, more endurance and a lot of other benefits.

Users would be capable to train harder, for longer periods of time, push further and more frequently. All in the time they would increase strength levels and this would allow them to reach new limits in terms of maximum lifts.

Some of the best Equipoise results are:

  • Muscle Growth. You can expect amazing muscle building effects and benefits, gaining anywhere between 10 and 30 pounds of muscles.
  • Health Benefits. Except for greatly helping you for physique and performance needs, it would also help with other health benefits too such as osteoporosis and others.
  • Fat Burning. This is the reason why this, although aromatized steroid, is often added to cutting cycles – it promotes fat loss.
  • Improved Athletic Performance. This steroid is going to be amazing for growing and repairing muscle tissue, increasing endurance, focus and energy levels.
  • Amazing For Bulking. Equipoise is great for burning body fat, but most people use it for bulking, mostly when stacked, because is going to offer mind blowing bulking results.


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