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Sustanon Review

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Sustanon is an extremely famous compound in the bodybuilding world and that’s because is considered one of the best things you can find in existence for boosting your testosterone levels effectively.

Needless to mention how immensely important testosterone hormone is for bodybuilders and anyone else searching either for physique or/ and performance enhancement. Testosterone is essential for growing muscles, increasing strength and generally, getting a good looking physical appearance.

While using Sustanon injections (there’s no oral form of Sustanon), bodybuilders get a huge spike in their testosterone levels and when the body receives a huge amount of testosterone, it starts working accordingly with various processes getting boosted in the body, others getting inhibited, but in the end, almost all of them are helpful for the user to grow muscles and increase strength.

Sustanon is a very effective testosterone boosted and it became extremely popular among bodybuilders, athletes and various other sportsmen for enhancing performance and physical look.

What is Sustanon?

Sustanon is an androgenic and anabolic steroid (AAS) that is containing 4 different testosterone esters combined together. That’s why, Sustanon is actually testosterone as you won’t receive anything else other than just testosterone from using it. Being a combination of 4 different testosterones, this steroid is very similar to all other single forms of testosterone. Nonetheless, there are still some differences between them, which make Sustanon a famous compound.

By using Sustanon, you increase testosterone – the hormone that’s crucial for development of body performance and muscle growth and is also an extremely important compound for enhancing male sexual characteristics too.

testosterone-structureSustanon 250 is made of:

  • 30 mg of Testosterone Propionate with Half Life of 1-3 days.
  • 60 mg of Testosterone Phenylpropionate with Half Life of 3-5 days.
  • 60 mg of Testosterone Isocaproate with Half Life of 6-7 days.
  • 100 mg of Testosterone Decanoate with Half Life of about 14-15 days.


In the end, we can notice that the total amount of Testosterone per each ml of Sustanon would be 250 mg and that’s why, you would often notice Sustanon being called Sustanon 250.

Nonetheless, Sustanon is just the brand name containing these esters of testosterone.

There are many other brand / trade names for Sustanon indicating those compounds have the testosterone combination. Any brand/ trade name referred  containing a testosterone blend is actually same Sustanon. We still call it Sustanon because is the first and most famous brand for a testosterone mix.

The brand was manufactured many years ago by Organon containing this amount of these 4 testosterone esters. That’s why, the example above indicates the original Sustanon 250. But you could find various other testosterone blends with more or less testosterones, with different testosterones or/ and with different amounts of testosterone.

A popular version is Sustanon 350 – same testosterones, but higher dosage per ml, which is a stronger version. This is what Dragon Pharma is offering. A stronger, yet less pricey version of Sustanon.

Sustanon 350 by Dragon Pharma

Sustanon 350 is made of:

  • 42 mg of Testosterone Propionate.
  • 84 mg of Testosterone Phenylpropionate.
  • 84 mg of Testosterone Isocaproate.
  • 140 mg of Testosterone Decanoate.

Buy Sustanon here.



In the end, with Sustanon you are going to highly boost your testosterone levels and are absolutely crucial for anyone searching for physique and performance enhancement to boost their testosterone levels.

A few examples (because there are lots others) of what testosterone can help you with include:

  • Improved Mood
  • Stronger Bones
  • Healthy Heart
  • Increased Muscle Mass
  • Decreased Body Fat
  • Increased Libido

What is Sustanon Used For?

Sustanon is a very famous steroid that is used both in medical settings as well as in bodybuilding world. However, it does seem to be a steroid that is mostly used by athletes and bodybuilders who are searching for various methods that would help them to boost the performance levels and get their physical appearance leaner and more muscular.

Taken in consideration that Sustanon does nothing else than effectively boosting your testosterone levels, this anabolic steroid is used in medical settings for the exact same purpose – to increase the users’ T levels.

  • The body is working according to the increased levels and that’s why this may be beneficial for various medical conditions or it could be beneficial for bodybuilding purposes. For example, in medical settings, Sustanon 250 is mainly prescribed to men suffering from low testosterone levels. This condition can be very unhealthy for a man.

But it has other purposes too such as treating breast cancer in women. Nonetheless, the anabolic steroid still seems to be mainly used for the development of strength and muscles.

When using testosterone, especially effective ones like Sustanon 350, the user is promoted the ability to increase the normal performance rate all along with boosted energy levels and stamina – making the individual have much more endurance during the intense workouts. With more testosterone, the users are reporting feeling a lot much more powerful during the time they are exercising in the gym and lifting weight.

That’s because the users are capable to increase their muscle strength and body sustainability, therefore, they are capable to lift more weight, and lift them easier and more often. Other than that, testosterone is an extremely important hormone for muscle recovery processes, when you get more testosterone, the muscles are capable to recover much faster and efficiently.


That’s how they grow faster and better, but this also ensures you get less post-exercising pains, faster recovery and get tired in the gym much less faster. That’s all super beneficial for in-gym trainings as well as during the time that you recover.

Soon after you use Sustanon, the body would get the testosterone boost, this would offer your body to develop an ability to become way more stronger and ignore more pain. The ability to workout is going to get to the next level and the more you use Sustanon 250 whilst working out, the more you would notice the huge benefits.

  • Is important to remember that receiving too much amount of testosterone is not healthy. Professional bodybuilders that are all covered in muscles obviously have way more testosterone than a skinny guy and is quite obvious their body requires and can tolerate way more testosterone than the skinny guy who never worked out.

That’s why, the dosages that you receive from testosterone should start low and then slowly increase as you get bigger and your body requires more testosterone to grow further and you can tolerate more.

Make sure to use it properly because with a proper use, Sustanon 250 would be extremely helpful at  quickly distributing the important elements in the body required for it to grow further and since you get 4 testosterone esters combined, the compound is known to enter your system very fast (due to short esterified testosterone) and to stay there over a few weeks (due to long based testosterone) whilst maintaining very stable blood levels (due to the testosterone forms in between).

That’s the difference between Sustanon and other forms of testosterone – Sustanon 250 is considered to offer much stable testosterone levels in the time that is entering quickly and stays a lot, compared to others that either stays a lot in the system and enters very slowly, or vice versa – enters fast and gets flushed out fast too.

  • In the end, Sustanon is considered an extremely effective compound that is allowing users to get their physique and performance enhancement to a completely new level and helps them reach it fast.

There are some studies done suggesting that increasing testosterone levels you would also decrease the female estragon hormones and that’s beneficial for a man during the intense workout program because you get less tired, more focused, more energetic with increased body power and strength. That’s helpful since your body goes through a highly pressured environments (fierce workouts). The body outlook is going to get in a much better condition too.

Professional athletes, powerlifters and bodybuilders reported receiving various positive benefits and results from using Sustanon 250 that greatly boost the progress and the development of a stronger and much better looking body and does it really fast.

The Effects of Sustanon 350 Cycle

The effects of Sustanon 350 cycle are extremely helpful as long as the anabolic steroid is used properly alongside with a proper lifestyle. As said, Sustanon is known to increase the testosterone levels very efficiently and now imagine yourself what effects would you receive from a cycle with more testosterone?

Obviously – you would receive much more benefits and results.

A Sustanon cycle is aiming and focusing on increasing the strength level of the user all along with offer a spike in the creation process of body mass and lean muscles.

Sustanon cycles are offering the perfect anabolic environment in the body and that’s what helps the user so much to grow so fast muscles and make them so powerful. Because you gain lean muscle mass and you are more stronger, you are capable to increase the maximum weight limit during the training and that’s going to further boost the development of extra muscle mass.

There’s no need to explain how immensely important testosterone is for a man. Anyway, let’s check further:

How Sustanon Cycle Affects Your Body?

As mentioned, Sustanon doesn’t seem to do anything else than just offering a boost in the testosterone levels, however, in the same time, the compound seem to affect the body at various levels taken in consideration that the user is receiving more of this powerful hormone and that’s what makes the body be affected on so many levels so much.

First thing to mention is that the entire system and your body is going to become significantly stronger. By having a continuous use of this compound, you constantly have high levels of testosterone and that’s the reason why some physical activity combined with diet would offer very fast changes in your body appearance.

Testosterone is a powerful hormone and is an extremely important hormone for growing muscle mass, the more you get – the faster and the more development of muscle mass would occur and generally, you would get much more strength levels and a much better look which is going to be “manlier”.


In the end, Testosterone is having lots of different functions in our bodies. Is also called the ‘male hormone’ because is the most important hormone for a man. In the time that you use Sustanon, you greatly boost the amount of this important hormone. That’s why, here are some of the most common reports of what people receive from using it:

  • First things first – Sustanon 250 is boosting the levels of testosterone in the body because is a synthetic form of testosterone which injected in the body, starts flowing through the body working accordingly. There’s no different between synthetic and naturally occurring testosterone. Due to this hormone, you are getting “manlier” overall. More muscles, sexual characteristics boost, boosted muscle mass size and generally – anything that described being “A Man”.
  • Because you get so much testosterone levels, you may get additional hair growth on face and body including various other symptoms that are getting those men that have a lot of testosterone in their bodies.
  • With more testosterone, is quite obvious that Sustanon is interfering with your hormone balance. The body is going to be oriented in creating more male hormones and less female hormones. Usually, less female hormones is a good thing for a man, but in case those hormones would be completely shut down, that’s not going to be healthy even for a man. But at least, your body develops more power, strength and boost performance.
  • Because your muscles grow significantly bigger, you won’t only look more muscular, but more testosterones in the muscles make them more powerful. So you’re going to get significantly much more powerful because you have more muscles, and because your muscles are more powerful by themselves.
  • You also lose body fat. Testosterone is known to boost the process of fat burning and even including the stubborn fat – the fat that’s hardest to get rid of (for males that’s the belly fat and for women that’s the hip and thighs fat).
  • You get big psychological boosts You can notice that your confidence is going to get much better, you would have a much better mood without so much anxiety and depression that you may have had before using this steroid, you would be way more focused including various other benefits.
  • You would also notice that the libido and sexual life is going to be better. Your sexual drive is boosted, you would be able to perform better during the sexual intercourse, your libido is going to get better and you would notice that you are “ready” much frequently too.

Sustanon Cycle Benefits

When sportsmen are using Sustanon they are noticing that the body is quickly changing and their bodybuilding needs are getting enhanced with more and better training opportunities. That’s why, we can easily say that Sustanon cycle is having lots of different benefits and they are super helpful for bodybuilders, steroid users or anyone else who wants to improve performance and physique.

Below you may find the list of the most commonly reported benefits (but there are lots others) associated with Sustanon use.

  • By going through the Sustanon 250 cycle, the bodybuilders notice that they are becoming more focused during their training. The changes in their hormones offer them a better mental approach for their training sessions allowing them to train more often as well as more intensively without feeling fatigued or mentally disoriented whilst lifting heavy weights. It won’t only help the individual to be more focused during the preparations for a competition, but display a much better performance during the competition itself as the user is more focused.
  • Feeling better, looking better as well as better performance is all associated with the use of Sustanon 250. Taken in consideration that the steroid boosts your mental confidentiality, you can perform more and better. Since you perform to a whole new level, you would soon notice you look better which is also boosted by Sustanon. In the end, you are looking much more better, which offers more confidentiality too. This works in a never-ending circle. Testosterone gives an awesome outlook helping you to faster achieve training goals which may go over the genetic capabilities of the user.
  • Testosterone received from Sustanon cycle makes you more aggressive and if this aggression is kept under control and in the gym environment, the user is going to benefit, as some aggression is required during the extreme weight lifting processes for helping the user to get through more performance and overall do better.
  • Another huge benefit of using Sustanon is that the bodybuilders and athletes report feeling much more energetic. The huge boost in energy levels has a huge impact on the performance levels in the gym, as well as outside the gym. Is obvious that first and foremost, that helps sportsmen to workout longer and better, but it could help them to have more energy outside the gym too (when working, household activities etc.). Energy is not the only thing boosted, endurance, stamina would also help bodybuilders.
  • The body healing processes would get enhance either as the use of Sustanon would assist this. That’s because testosterone is making sure that the muscles are receiving whatever they need in the best possible way to recover back after an intense workout. Plus, helps to stay away muscle fatigue. Because of a much better recovery, the extensive training can be done more often. And because your muscles do not get as tired so far, you can go through high performance exercises much longer. Your muscles become harder and more toned.


Sustanon Side Effects

Sustanon 250 or 350 is an anabolic steroid and as any other steroids out there, is quite obvious that is capable to offer negative side effects. Good news is that most men can tolerate the use of Sustanon 250 extremely well, and that’s because a bit of boost in testosterone is almost always helpful.

  • In fact, the appearance of side effects while using Sustanon is actually a sign that the user is taking way too much dosage, this means the body receives too much testosterone and it cannot tolerate such a high dosage.

The appearance of side effects as well as their intensity greatly depends on different factors. For example, a bigger guy with naturally more levels of testosterone is going to be able to tolerate much higher amount of testosterone than a guy with barely any levels of testosterone.

That’s why, for avoiding receiving negative side effects, is highly recommended to start with a low dosage and only increase when you feel that you need more and tolerate more. Starting slowly and increasing slowly to the perfectly balanced dosage is the best way for you to avoid negative side effects.

High testosterone levels in the body are good when they are put to good use, but too high levels of testosterone that is not used would be displayed in side effects like for example:

  • Androgen related side effects could occur because testosterone is converted into dihydrotestosterone. As a result, individuals could notice they are developing a bad skin condition. It is usually manifested in oily skin, pimples, and acne. Androgenic side effects may also be manifested in hair loss, abnormal hair growth on face and body including others.
  • Some people receive muscle pains from using too much testosterone. Reduce the dosage if this is becoming a really big problem.
  • Estrogen related side effects can occur too because testosterone is converted into estrogen because of aromatization. Estrogen related side effects usually go as: gynecomastia (man’s boobs), water retention, bloating, hypertension and various others. Anti Estrogens like aromatase inhibitors do a good job in preventing such side effects to occur.
  • As earlier said, testosterone boost offers a hormonal misbalance and while that’s affecting you physically, it could affect you psychologically While mental changes are often helpful because it offers more focus, confidentiality, mental stability, better mood etc. there are negative side effects that may persist too and they go as: uncontrollable aggression, anxiety, easily getting irritated, mood swings, depression and various others. Boosting testosterone levels can have a great influence on the emotional status of a person.
  • While Sustanon is very unlikely to offer any bad influence on the liver health condition (although sometimes possible), your kidneys may have to suffer and that’s because Sustanon boosts testosterone and therefore, this is offering an extra workload on your kidneys. If the kidneys would work extra harder for extra longer periods of time, it could lead to kidney problems.
  • There are people who report experiencing diarrhea as well as experiencing nausea and maybe even constant feeling of sick. This could have a negative impact on the overall health as well as on the ability of the user to work out and perform well.
  • Because you receive a huge amount of synthetic testosterone (that your body cannot distinguish from synthetic or natural), the body “thinks” that is producing too much testosterone than needed and that’s why, it stops producing more of this hormone naturally. Therefore, using Sustanon you are inhibiting the body’s natural ability to produce testosterone. You would require a PCT plan for this side effect. When you stop using Sustanon 250 the body would restart producing testosterone naturally, but this won’t happen overnight. The body requires a while until it would be able to fully produce testosterone on its own as it should.
  • Testosterone is a steroid that is having a significant impact on the cholesterol levels. Now, when going through Sustanon 250 cycle, you boost the testosterone levels significantly. That’s obviously going to have an impact on the cholesterol values and unfortunately, that’s not good. Your LDL (bad) cholesterol would get increased and HDL (good) cholesterol would get decreased. It could lead to negative impact on your cardiovascular health as well as on your metabolism rate which is extremely important for losing fat, feeling well and getting a good body outlook.

When To Take Sustanon Cycles

Sustanon should be taken when you have either low testosterone levels in terms of medical purposes or when you want to boost your testosterone levels for physique and performance enhancement purposes.

In the end, Sustanon is taken only when the individual is looking for boosting the testosterone levels.

That’s why Sustanon cycles are so helpful for bodybuilders – we all know that testosterone is extremely important for bodybuilding purposes.


Also, Sustanon is taken by steroid users as a form of steroid stack because testosterone is required by almost anyone during any steroid cycle. Testosterone is the most famous addition to all steroids because is known to greatly increase the effectiveness of the cycle in the time that is reducing the possible negative side effects risks and their intensity.

For example, Sustanon (Testosterone) is taken when Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone) is cycled. This steroid is known to offer a side effect called “Deca Dick” which manifests in inability to get an erection. Add Viagra if you get such issues. Adding Sustanon, the user is much less likely to get this side effect. This is just an example but there are many others.

Sustanon Dosage

Sustanon 250 or 350 (or any other brand/ trade of testosterone mixture) is coming in form of injection. There is no orally active Sustanon and anyone claiming to offer some or some alternatives – that’s a scam. Sustanon should be injected intramuscularly and the recommended Sustanon 250 or 350 dosage is anywhere between 250 mg up to about 1000 mg per week or even more.

  • Beginners of Sustanon are recommended to start with 250 mg per week, then they can slowly increase.
  • The most common dosage is anywhere between 500 mg and 700 mg per week, but such a dosage is only recommended to those who already had experience with this compound.
  • Dosages higher than 700 mg per week are only recommended to absolute professionals who know exactly what they are doing.

Cycle length with Sustanon is usually 12 weeks for most people, but generally, they can be different starting from 8 weeks up to about 16 weeks, although cycle lengths over 12 weeks should be attempted only by professionals in case they need it and know what to do.

  • A Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is required after absolutely every single steroid cycle. After you stop running Sustanon 250 cycle, make sure you add the PCT if want to maintain your gains and maintain your health and organs.

The recovery of the user’s natural testosterone is an extremely important thing playing an essential role in the keeping the body healthy and avoiding to receive even more negative side effects from occurring. PCT greatly boosts this recovery. Also, don’t go for too frequent cycles, allow your body to rest.

Sustanon Half Life

As said, Sustanon is coming in form of injections as an oily compound. A single ml of Sustanon 250 or 350 offers 4 different esters of testosterone and they each have different half life. The total Sustanon 350 half life is based on the longest form of testosterone – decanoate with a half life of about 15 days. That’s why the compound would stay active in the body for a long time.

However, there are shorter ones like Propionate with half life of 1-3 days, Phenylpropionate with 3-5 days and Isocaproate with around 7 days or so.

Based on all of this, is said that for maintaining as stable blood levels as possible Sustanon 250 should be used twice per week in days evenly apart (for example Monday and Thursday).

Sustanon 350 For Sale

Sustanon is a very famous brand and generally, an extremely widely used steroid for physique and performance enhancement since is boosting testosterone levels so effectively. Lots of people are searching for Sustanon 250 for sale but not all of them get good things.

Sustanon 350 by Dragon PharmaBuy Sustanon here.

Buying Sustanon 250 is not as easy because there are lots of fakes and lots of scammers. Other than that, lots of sources have high prices for it. Nonetheless, buying Sustanon 350 for sale has never been easier with our source dragonpharma.to. You can be sure that you get only real and highest quality Sustanon for sale and you would save lots of money.

We guarantee the lowest prices for the highest quality anabolic steroid that can be so helpful for bodybuilding needs. So, if you want to save money whilst receiving a compound that can boost your testosterone so much, get Sustanon from our source and you won’t regret it because DragonPharma.to offers best quality products for the lowest prices.

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