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Superdrol – Strongest Oral Out There?

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Superdrol, very often, is being reported to be the strongest oral steroid out there by many people. The compound can greatly help you boost physique and performance being so powerful and that’s why is quite an popular product.

Superdrol has an interesting history – from being considered a dietary supplement, it was later considered one of the most powerfully orally active steroid.

What is Superdrol?

Superdrol is the nickname of the compound with the active substance Methasterone. You may find the chemical name Methasterone sold as other brand names but Superdrol is by far the most famous and widely used one. This is an extremely powerful anabolic and androgenic steroid (AAS) that is coming in form of oral tablets and is also one of the most recently banned steroid in USA. Nonetheless, Dragon Pharma is a pharmacy company still able to produce it.

This compound was previously marketed and sold as a dietary supplement and as a prohormone and for many years, many people continued using it for their physique and performance enhancement purposes. Then later, FDA deemed this product to be dangerous to be used, especially for bodybuilding purposes, and back in 2012 it has officially been banned.

Until it got banned, a lot of sellers and people described it as a “prohormone” in the best case. It was often given as a dietary supplement and many people didn’t know that this is extremely misleading and completely wrong – Superdrol is far from a dietary supplement because is not only an anabolic steroid, but is one of the most powerful ones too.

One of the worst things about such kind of claims is the fact that there were people who were actually choosing Superdrol over some steroids believing that this compound is safer than steroids while noticing that is extremely effective.

Unfortunately, that’s far from being true. Superdrol is definitely not safer than other steroids and whilst it can be taken in a safe manner, you should know that this is actually a liver toxic powerful anabolic steroid. Treating it as a dietary supplement is what can make Superdrol become a pretty dangerous compound.

As a result to all of that, FDA banned this compound altogether and this is what made Superdrol become a compound that can be found on the black market only. Is not as easy to find it, and not all online sources offer Superdrol. Even those who do, they charge a really big price for it. Luckily, you can find Superdrol here at DragonPharma.to which offers high quality real Superdrol for sale.


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Dragon Pharma is the best company for anabolic steroids, even including Superdrol.

If you’re a person who ever used this compound or if you’re interested to get really huge results then this compound might very well be of your interest. If you’re wondering about the side effects and its risks (after all, you may be thinking that there are good reasons why FDA banned it) then you should know that they are only possible.

FDA banned this compound because people were openly abusing it and that’s what led to negative side effects and made it dangerous, but anything taken in abusive dosages would lead to negative side effects.

Superdrol Results and Benefits

It was earlier mentioned that Superdrol is an extremely effective and powerful steroid, with this being said, is quite obvious that you can expect huge results when administering it. Anyone who used Superdrol reported amazing results and benefits that come extremely fast.

Is important for you to keep in mind that the steroid might be dangerous if you’re not going to administer it properly, but by doing everything properly – you will be shocked with the results.

For example, gaining 10 lbs of pure and lean muscle mass in a very short cycle of 4 weeks is something very common with Superdrol, but there are users of this compound who reported even more gains. And no, you won’t get most of these gains in water weight – those are lean and quality gains without water weight which is extremely impressive. Those are long lasting gains that won’t disappear as soon as you stop taking it.

But taken in consideration that you are capable to gain lean muscles with Superdrol without water weight, the compound can be used for both bulking and cutting. In fact, is not uncommon for a person to go through bulk and cutting at the same time with SD. That’s how strong this steroid is. It allows you to gain muscle mass in the time that you get rid of the body fat and get an overall physical appearance of a professional bodybuilder.


But one of the most amazing parts about Superdrol is the strength gains that it offers. Superdrol doesn’t only make you huge with muscle growth, but makes you powerful as well as you notice increases in maximum lifts very soon after starting with Superdrol.

There are a lot of people reporting crazy results when talking about maximum limits of their weight lifts. According to those reports, you would be able to lift with at least 10% more, but there’s a high chance that you would increase strength with more than only 10%.

The steroid is offering crazy gains in terms of both power and muscle growth and it does it extremely fast. It builds up in your system the same day and you would notice it kicking in within the first few days.

With all of this being mentioned, whilst using Superdrol, you can easily expect packing on size, getting your strength to the next level, achieving new body appearance with huge vascularity and lean mass and an overall boost in performance too.

According to people who previously used other steroids – Superdrol still helped them to gain more. In short, Superdrol makes you a Superman. That’s because when you plateau from gains naturally, steroids allow you to go further but then you plateau from gains on steroids. Superdrol is so impressive that it helps you go further the plateau you reached from steroids.

This steroid is extremely powerful, you need to take it carefully, but when doing so – the results are going to be different from all other products you’ve used so far.

Superdrol Administration and Dosage

As mentioned, Superdrol is an orally active steroid. It comes in form of oral tablets and should be administered by mouth on a daily basis. But as most other orally active steroids, is C17 alpha alkylated and this means that is liver toxic. In fact, Superdrol is one very liver toxic compound and that’s why there are few rules that you need to follow:

  • Do not ever use anything else that is liver toxic such as alcohol, OTC medicine or anything else with Superdrol.
  • Use liver protecting supplements
  • Check your liver before starting with Superdrol, in the meantime and after you finish the cycle
  • Don’t ever exceed the maximum recommended dosage
  • Don’t ever exceed the cycle length

The maximum limit for Superdrol is 6 weeks for any cycle, but most people opt use it for only 4 weeks in order to protect their liver and then again, is essential for you to run a cycle supporting product in the time you run Superdrol.

superdrol-dragonBuy Superdrol here.

For the first time, Superdrol should be taken at 10 mg per day. Then you can increase to 20 mg per day. When you’re more advanced go for 30 mg a day. Never go over 40 mg a day, and take this dosage only if you’re a professional. Nonetheless, it does seems like 20 mg a day up to maximum 30 mg a day is the sweet spot for most people.

Very often, this compound is used during a blast and cruise protocol.

Also, in order to get even more results, Superdrol is very often stacked with other steroids like for example Trenbolone for getting crazy results – these 2 compounds work in synergy.

Absolutely all cycles with Superdrol should be followed by a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) protocol exactly as with any other steroid. That’s because it interferes with your natural testosterone production so a PCT would help you to recover much faster and efficiently from a Superdrol cycle.

Superdrol (Methasterone) may offer quite harsh side effects when abused, but when used properly, it may offer some of the best benefits that you would be able to receive.

Superdrol Side Effects

As it was mentioned, Superdrol does offer side effects and they can be pretty harsh. The side effects are nothing that should be treated lightly, you need to make sure to control them and there are various methods that you should do for controlling and reducing them.

One of the first things that should be mentioned here is the fact that Superdrol is very liver toxic and the more you use it – the more liver toxic it becomes, that applies to both cycle length as well as the dosage of the compound.

Is liver toxicity as dangerous? You may wonder, well, yes. If you damage your liver too much, it can lead to permanent liver damage – irreversible scarring of the liver that is also known as cirrhosis of the liver. But that’s not all because a further liver damage can grow into a full liver failure and liver failure might lead to death.

That’s why is so important not to ever exceed 6 weeks mark, and never go over the 40 mg per day with all other rules that were earlier mentioned. As long as you follow all the rules properly, there’s absolutely nothing that you can be worried about.


However, liver toxicity is not the only problem. As mentioned, Superdrol, as any other steroids, can suppress testosterone production. This is the reason why a PCT plan is essential for anyone who is planning to run steroids.

Except for these 2 already mentioned side effects, there are others to come, but they are pretty common among steroids like for example:

  • Acne
  • Hair loss
  • Aggression
  • High blood pressure

These are not all the possible side effect with Superdrol but then again, none are guaranteed side effects. It all very much depends on how exactly you’re going to use the compound. By using it properly and carefully, your body is going to get the maximum out of it without the side effects.

Except for learning how to use Superdrol, is also recommended for you to learn where to get it because a high quality Methasterone is what would offer maximum benefits combined with low side effects. But if you get fakes you won’t get maximum benefits and results and there’s also the risk of an increased chance of side effects too.

Superdrol For Sale

Superdrol is an amazing orally active steroid that can offer results that you haven’t even thought about it. It can be one of the best things that you would use if using properly, but watch out for the side effects, as it can become pretty dangerous if not using it as you should.

Superdrol containing Methasterone is one of the most recently banned steroids claimed to be dangerous. Whilst is true that it can be dangerous, it depends on how you use it.

By getting a high quality Superdrol for sale from a reliable website such as dragonpharma.to, you won’t only save money, but you’re also going to ensure a high effectiveness. Make sure you know where you’re buying it from, because there are a lot of scammers selling fake products. But Superdrol from Dragon Pharma is the best quality product for the lowest price.

DragonPharma.to is where you can get the Superdrol for sale and you can be sure that you get the highest quality compound without spending too much money. So you save financially, you don’t risk with your health as long as you use it properly, and you have huge benefits. Just check the reports from people using Superdrol and you can notice how immensely helpful this steroid can be.

Follow all the administration guidelines while following a good diet and exercise regime and you would notice that Superdrol can make you extremely powerful and super big in terms of lean muscle mass. So you both boost performance while improving conditioning and overall physical appearance on it.

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