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What is Liothyronine?

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Liothyronine is the chemical name substance of the manufactured (synthetic version) form of the naturally occurring thyroid hormone called triiodothyronine T3. So, T3 and Liothyronine are basically the exact same substance – same thyroid hormone known as T3.

The full name of the compound is Liothyronine Sodium and this substance is sold as various different trade names depending on the manufacturer selling it. One of the most famous brand in USA is Cytomel, however you may find it as many others.


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Liothyronine Sodium is the synthetic version of T3 thyroid hormone and is being prescribed to patients suffering from hypothyroidism, a condition that is indicating a thyroid hormone deficiency. Again, that’s because T3 is produced naturally by the body, but Liothyronine is basically the exact same thing, with the only difference being the fact that Liothyronine is the synthetic version which is administered orally.

However, this compound can be administered in form of injection into the vein, yet the oral pills remains by far the most popular and widely used form of administering Liothyronine Sodium.

How Does Liothyronine Work?

Just to make it clear again – Liothyronine works the exact same as naturally occurring thyroid hormone T3. There’s absolutely no difference in the way they work. So, how does Liothyronine (T3) work?

Our thyroid gland is taking iodine and is converting it into the thyroid hormones known as T4 (thyroxine) and T3 (triiodothyronine). When individual is increasing levels of thyroid hormones, everything in the body works “harder” and therefore, the body demands more fuel. The body takes it from fat and sometimes even from muscles. In short, T3 is boosting basal metabolic rate.

In fact, you need to know that every single cell in the human body is highly dependent on the thyroid hormones T4 and T3 for regulating their metabolism. With this being said, I guess is pretty easy to understand how important role is playing Liothyronine in the weight loss purposes and generally – in the well being of a person.

Why would you use T3 instead of T4? Well, some people do use T4 instead of T3 and others use T3 and T4 in combination.

  • In fact, T4 is a more popular compound for treating hypothyroidism.
  • Yet, T3 is more popular for weight loss purposes and bodybuilding.

What-is-Liothyronine-body-definition The reason for that is that T3 is considered to be about 5 times more powerful compared to T4. In normal conditions, the thyroid gland is producing about 20% of T3 and about 80% of T4.

Most of T3 natural occurrence is from conversion of T4 into T3. So, if this conversion doesn’t occur (for whatever the reason) – you won’t be receiving your weight loss goals.

Due to these factors – T4 is most popular in medical settings but T3 is most popular for bodybuilding and weight loss needs.

In the end, Liothyronine is just the synthetic version of T3 – when you administer it that would boost the thyroid hormones. Your body starts working accordingly, which usually leads to increased metabolism. With a boosted metabolism, the body is converting fat into energy much faster and efficiently.

  • The reason why Liothyronine is so efficient for weight loss purposes is that it helps with the increased base line metabolic rate.

Nonetheless, the compound is maximum beneficial only after you’ve been dieting for a while now or you want to lose that last stubborn 1% or 2% of body fat that is really hard to get rid of through dieting and working out only.

That’s all because when the individual is dieting for a while, the body is starting to decrease the production of thyroid hormones naturally which stunts the weight loss processes. That’s because when you diet, the body is entering the “starvation” mode. This is the “genetic” survival mode that our body enters as a form to defensing itself from starvation.


Nonetheless, when you do not diet and workout but you do use Liothyronine – that’s not going to be very helpful as it would boost your metabolism, but you do nothing to lose that weight and fat.

Yet, when you were dieting and working out for a while and your body enters the defense mode against starvation – you add Liothyronine and your thyroid hormones (and metabolism) remain high and boosted. This allows you to lose the extra weight and fat faster and more efficiently.

Yet, a lot of bodybuilders and athletes add some anabolic steroids in order to avoid muscle loss. With increased thyroid hormones and metabolism, the body may take its energy demands even from muscles. To avoid losing the hard earned muscles – add steroids which would further help with losing body fat and maintaining muscles intact.

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