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Salbutamol or Albuterol (different names for the same ingredient) is in the same class of drugs as Clenbuterol. If you’re familiar with Clen, you know how helpful it is for losing weight and body fat.

With this being said, Salbutamol / Albuterol is also a very helpful product for such purposes. Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts use it to burn fat during their cycles. Despite the fact that the product is not approved for such purposes.

What is Salbutamol / Albuterol?


Salbutamol or Albuterol is a short acting beta2-adrenergic receptor agonist. This is a stimulant and an asthma medication since it is being used to relieve the bronchospasm in patients suffering from it. Therefore, people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and asthma are often prescribed this product.

But exactly as Clenbuterol, athletes, and bodybuilders found out that Salbutamol is good at increasing performance. That’s because the compound enhances fat loss processes in the body.

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Albuterol (Salbutamol) comes in various methods of administration such as tablets, inhalation, injection, etc. Most commonly, is used as tablets, especially by athletes and bodybuilders. That’s because people suffering from breathing issues may be prescribed inhalation Salbutamol.

How Salbutamol Works?


Since it stimulates the beta receptors – this leads to vasodilation and increased blood flow. The processes in the body are enhanced. The body starts “requiring” more “fuel” to properly function. That’s why the stored fat is reduced as it takes that “fuel” from the fat. The fatty acids are broken down faster to be flushed into the bloodstream.

Since your blood flow increases, your heart rate increases too, obviously. All of this leads to increased body temperature. That’s helpful to lose fat even faster. Of course, many people sweat more during the use of Albuterol. The metabolism is getting increased too. Due to this, the appetite may be suppressed too.

With this being said, an athlete or bodybuilder is losing fat way faster. The user receives more energy, more resistance, and more oxygen.

Clenbuterol vs Albuterol / Salbutamol


Both Clenbuterol and Salbutamol are very similar products. They are both asthma drugs most commonly coming as pills. They are both working as stimulants and both work on beta 2 receptors. Both have very similar effects and similar side effects too. That’s why they are often compared.

  • Nonetheless, you need to know that Clenbuterol is having a longer half life than Albuterol. That’s why it doesn’t need to be used as often.
  • But the true difference is that Clenbuterol is way more powerful. With Clenbuterol, you get more results and benefits, but you are likely to get more side effects too!

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Salbutamol Dosage

As mentioned, Albuterol / Salbutamol comes in various forms. We recommend tablets because it is easier to dose and is the universal form. Especially when talking about physique and performance enhancement needs.

  • If using Salbutamol for medical purposes then go to the exact method of administration as prescribed. A doctor knows best how and how much you should use Albuterol for your needs.

For male bodybuilding purposes of losing body fat, then a common dosage is 4 mg 3 times daily. It usually comes in tablets of 4 mg. You would need around 12 mg. So due to a short half life of 3-6 hours, better use it 3 times a day. Stay away from dosing it before going to sleep, as it may cause insomnia.

Dosages generally range between 6 mg and 24 mg a day for most people. Drink a lot of water during the use of this product. Salbutamol is most commonly used with steroids. Because anabolic steroids grow muscles and Albuterol keeps fat away. But could be used alone too, simply for fat loss purposes.


Salbutamol Side Effects

Albuterol / Salbutamol is offering pretty much the exact same side effects as Clenbuterol does. In fact, they have very similar side effects to almost all other stimulants out there. The most common side effects related to stimulants are insomnia issues and heart related issues.

But there are other side effects that may appear too:

  • Anxiety
  • Flushing
  • Headaches
  • Tremors
  • Heart palpitations
  • Sleep issues
  • Behavior issues
  • Muscle cramps
  • Pumps
  • Allergic reactions
  • Dehydration
  • High blood pressure


In the end, Salbutamol / Albuterol is very similar to Clenbuterol.

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If you used Clenbuterol and found it too powerful for you, Salbutamol might make a much better option. But if you never used any stimulants but want to try the fat loss journey with helpful compounds, Albuterol can still be a better choice. That’s because it is safer.

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