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What is Cytomel?

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Cytomel is the first and most famous brand name for the active substance (chemical name) Liothyronine Sodium coming in form of tablets mostly (there is injection into vein form, but is heavily unpopular) and the compound is used for the treatment of low thyroid hormone levels.

That’s all because Cytomel basically delivers synthetic thyroid hormones. Liothyronine is the manufactured version of thyroid hormone T3. That’s why any compound containing Liothyronine Sodium is basically same Cytomel. And Cytomel is basically T3.


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  • T3 thyroid hormone is an extremely important hormone for normal function of the body as it has numerous important functions including the regulation of our metabolism. As much as you might already know – thyroid hormones are having a huge rule in the management of our body weight.

So, Cytomel is given to patients that are having low thyroid hormone levels (T3) due to some thyroid issues. Cytomel is also very popular and widely used among many fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders and that’s due to its ability to help with weight and fat loss needs. Since your body receives synthetic T3, your metabolism is boosted and weight loss processes are enhanced.

Cytomel is a compound that offers your body thyroid hormones. Cytomel is actually Liothyronine Sodium and the compound can be found as other generic / trade names, as earlier mentioned.

What Are Cytomel Benefits?

The compound Cytomel (Liothyronine Sodium T3) is very useful for those people who need to increase their levels of T3 regardless why. This compound is going to offering supplementation with this hormone (or better said – replacement of thyroid hormone) and that’s why is so beneficial for people who are suffering from whatever forms of hypothyroidism (thyroid gland removal, under active thyroid gland etc.).

Taken in consideration that your levels of thyroid hormone are increased, your basal metabolic rate is increased. Liothyronine is increasing the uptake of nutrients into the mitochondria and professional bodybuilders know how important this is. As a result, it would increase the activity in the oxidative metabolic pathway and you would have more energy including everything in the body would burn fat faster and more efficiently.


Cytomel is mostly effective among those people who were dieting for a good while and can’t get off the last 1-2% of body fat.

That’s because when you diet, your body thinks you are starving. In order to protect you from death due to starvation, it lowers T3 levels and metabolism. That’s one of the main reasons why you can’t lose weight anymore. If T3 is added when your T3 levels are lower – it gets more beneficial.

  • Adding T3 when you never dieted might be helpful, but not as helpful as you expect.

Cytomel Side Effects

Except for the fact that Liothyronine would replace your natural T3 levels which is why you would need to know how to properly get off it to avoid hypothyroidism – too high dosages are leading to the exact opposite known as hyperthyroidism, a condition where too much thyroid hormones are present in your body.

Therefore, Cytomel side effects are basically hyperthyroidism symptoms which usually include:

  • Weight loss
  • Body temperature increase (what most people search for, but there are also others);
  • Excessive sweating
  • Appetite increase or decrease
  • Sensitivity to heat
  • Irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Body tremors
  • Headaches

That’s why is important to start slowly to make sure you are not going into hyperthyroidism state with side effects, and you need to slowly get off it because of the suppression of natural T3 level production.


More About Cytomel

The compound comes mostly in form of pills having a half life of about 2 days. Once a day administration is going to be enough, but many people use it twice daily (morning and evening), especially with higher doses.

  • When used for bodybuilding purposes, many people add Clenbuterol for enhanced weight loss effects and bodybuilders are adding anabolic steroids in order to avoid the possible muscle loss from Liothyronine administration.

Most dosages with Cytomel start at 25 mcg a day. Some go as high as 100 mcg a day. Never exceed that dosage. Most people searching to lose weight stop in the range of 50-75 mcg a day.

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