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Dbol Side Effects

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Dianabol is an extremely famous anabolic steroid that is used all over the world for various different purposes, but the compound is mostly known as the most popular and widely used steroid for physique and performance enhancement purposes.

Dianabol is the legendary bodybuilding steroid that makes you grow muscles and increase strength levels like nothing else, in the time that it remains pretty safe as long as is being used.

Dianabol is commonly known as Dbol, that’s because this way most bodybuilders shortly call Dianabol. The active substance is Methandienone (or Methandrostenolone) but nobody calls it like this.

This is a powerful steroid, that’s why is capable to offer such amazing benefits and results when used for growing muscles.


Nonetheless, being a powerful compound, do not forget that there are possible side effects. The compound offers estrogenic activity, androgenic activity and is working by synthetically increasing testosterone levels. Is quite obvious that without keeping an eye on them, you may get too much and may get side effects.

  • Dbol is less androgenic than testosterone and that’s why androgenic related side effects would be less than those of testosterone – but they are still possible.
  • Other than that, Dianabol is pretty powerful in terms of increasing testosterone levels, synthetically, that’s why, you need to be very careful about ending the Dbol cycle with a PCT plan.
  • However, Dianabol, despite being designed to be less estrogenic (less aromatized) than testosterone, it ended up being much aromatizable than it thought to be, more than testosterone.

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Dbol Side Effects

Taken in consideration everything mentioned earlier, you need to be careful when using this compound. You’ve got to use it carefully, but if you abuse it or make some mistakes during Dianabol cycles, you’ve got to know that the possible side effects might bug you. It mostly depends on Dianabol dosage.

The biggest issue is that a lot of people simply are unaware of the risks. That’s why you need to learn about them.

You need to know what are they so if they appear, to stay away from them.

Blood Pressure

Is very important to know that Dianabol is causing a lot of water retention because of its high aromatization. It depends on a person to another how bad it could be, but without controlling it, the water retention may ultimately cause high blood pressure (hypertension). This can be very unhealthy and that’s why you need to stay away from it if you already have high blood pressure.

Is very important to keep a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet with cardio and workout regimen which would help you to stay away from this side effect. You could also control the side effect with various medications (mainly, those that control aromatization and water retention, hence blood pressure).



Due to high aromatization of Dbol, a lot of users may receive gynecomastia too. This is the reason why is very important to have a SERM like for example Nolvadex or an AI like for example Arimidex. They would make sure that gynecomastia won’t appear because they would control estrogen in the breasts.

Gynecomastia may appear very rapidly with Dianabol because is a compound that enters the system very fast. That’s why is so important to have an AI or SERM handy even before starting with the cycle.


During the Dianabol cycle, the maintenance of a good cholesterol is one of the most important things. It can have a negative impact on your overall cholesterol levels by decreasing your HDL (good) cholesterol and increasing LDL (bad cholesterol) levels. This leads to various risks of heart diseases.

If you have cholesterol or heart issues – you are not recommended to use Dbol. Have a cholesterol friendly diet to help control the side effect.

Testosterone Suppression

This is a side effect specific to all anabolic steroids because the steroid is boosting synthetic testosterone.

When you stop Dianabol cycle, you may end up with low testosterone condition. Have a SERM handy like Clomid or Nolvadex that would maintain testosterone high when you stop the cycle.

There are various other side effects not mentioned here, but these are the most commonly reported ones and the most dangerous that you should take in consideration.

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