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Arimidex Bodybuilding

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Bodybuilding is an amazing world where you may need all sorts of medications. A prime example of that is Arimidex – a medication that is medically being prescribed to women suffering from breast cancer. Yet, Arimidex is a very famous medication in bodybuilding as well.

What does female breast cancer have in common with male bodybuilders using steroids that they both need Arimidex? Well, estrogen.

This is a hormone that is nicknamed the “female hormone” because is predominant in women.

  • There are multiple forms of breast cancer and Arimidex is helpful for hormonally positive receptor breast cancer. Is the type of cancer that requires estrogen to form and grow. If that’s the situation – Arimidex is given for treating it.
  • On the other hand, lots of very famous anabolic steroids such as Dianabol, Anadrol, testosterone based steroids, nandrolone esters etc. are converted into estrogen when administered.

Usually, such steroids are required during bulking cycles, when individual needs to grow muscles and increase strength.

When using such steroids, he is also going to increase estrogen levels floating in the body.

Without controlling the estrogen levels, there is a very high chance that the individual is going to suffer from estrogen related side effects. Those are side effects that are based on the high levels of estrogen. That’s when Arimidex is so helpful in bodybuilding.


Arimidex allows the anabolic steroid user to continue administering the steroids. Adding Arimidex to the cycle, user is going to control the estrogen (limit it) and therefore, avoid negative side effects of estrogen.

When too high levels of estrogen are there, the individual is suffering from various side effects such as

  • water retention
  • bloating
  • hypertension
  • various heart problems
  • and as man bodybuilders tend to think, the worst one – gynecomastia. This is the medical term for the condition, but bodybuilders call it man’s boobs, bitch tits and other.

Arimidex is used in bodybuilding as an anti gynecomastia treatment and prevention including other estrogen related side effects mentioned earlier. Being super effective, Arimidex is very famous in bodybuilding world.

More Helpful Info About Arimidex

The active substance in Arimidex is Anastrozole. Nonetheless, Anastozole can be found being sold as other trade/ brand names. Dragon Pharma offers Anastrozole as same brand name Arimidex of best quality and cheaper price.

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This is an Aromatase Inhibitor. Other notable AIs include Letrozole (Femara) and Exemestane (Aromasin).


But it seems like Anastrozole (Arimidex) is by far the most famous one. AIs alongside with Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs) form up anti estrogens. Medications that are known to inhibit estrogen. But there’s a huge difference between AIs and SERMs in terms how they work and how they control estrogen.

SERMs also can be used for anti gynecomastia, but they are not controlling all estrogen in the body. That’s why they won’t be good for estrogenic protection overall. Instead, SERMs are amazing for Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plans. Notable SERMs include Clomid (Clomiphene) and Nolvadex (Tamoxifen).

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AIs can be used for PCT protocols, but they are not as good as SERMs. That’s why SERMs are used for PCT, and AIs are used during the steroid cycle for estrogenic protection, mostly.

How to use Arimidex?

The dosage of Arimidex (Anastrozole) and cycle lengths highly depends on your needs and steroid cycle. The more aromatizable the steroid is and the higher the dosage – the more dose of Arimidex you would need.

Arimidex side effects highly depends on various factors too, such as dosage and personal tolerance and response to the compound.

With this being said, the compound can work very differently from a person to another, but in the end, Arimidex is very well tolerated by most men using steroids, offering almost no side effects at all when used properly.

Arimidex Conclusion

Arimidex in bodybuilding is great for those who need estrogenic protection. You can get it for gynecomastia treatment and prevention as well as all other estrogen related side effects.

When Arimidex is required for bodybuilding, the user cannot get it without a prescription, but even if you can, the price is really high. You can get Arimidex for your bodybuilding purposes from this website at DragonPharma.to. We ensure the highest quality Anastrozole for best deals and prices.

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