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Side Effects Of Finasteride

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Finasteride is an orally active medication coming as tablets mostly sold as brands Propecia and Proscar including others. This is a powerful type II 5 alpha inhibitor. The compound is known to inhibit the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and therefore lower total levels of DHT circulating in the body.

This is a very powerful DHT inhibitor and dihydrotestosterone is a very powerful hormone. Considered a powerful sex hormone. With this being said, too high levels of DHT which can appear due to a variety of reasons (such as hormonal imbalances or running anabolic steroids) may lead to different issues such as hair loss.

Nonetheless, if this hormone is going to be suppressed too much – you are likely to get side effects of Finasteride. Usually, it means doses of Finasteride are too high and suppression is too much.


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Therefore, if you’re planning to run Finasteride, is highly recommended to check for side effects of Finasteride so you would know what to expect from the usage of this compound.

Is considered that the negative side effects of Finasteride are quite rare, nonetheless, it definitely doesn’t mean they are non-existent.

Examples of Finasteride Side Effects

There are some men who may experience various types of sexual dysfunctions, depression, and sometimes even breast enlargement. Other than that, it was reported that some men might continue suffering from sexual dysfunction even after stopping the use of medication.

Some Finasteride side effects are very tolerable, but others can be pretty nasty. Most disappear almost immediately after stopping the use of Finasteride. But others may be very long lasting. That’s something that can be expected taken into consideration that Finasteride is suppressing the powerful androgen hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). That is an important sex hormone for men.

We highly recommend taking Finasteride side effects very seriously. Due to these side effects, Finasteride should be used only in situations when its use is actually really necessary.


Finasteride Issues

  • Erectile dysfunction (ED) – inability to get an erection or maintain one
  • Decreased libido – no sex drive
  • Impotence – inability to get an orgasm sometimes combined with ED and no libido
  • Decreased sperm quality and/or quantity
  • Decreased muscle mass and strength levels
  • Negative psychological issues with mood swings and possible depression
  • Enlargement of breasts – gynecomastia

Approximately 8% of men running Finasteride are reporting getting some sexual dysfunctions.

Less than 1% of men may report other issues such as gynecomastia, psychological issues, and others.

All the side effects of Finasteride are related to the decreased dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels. That’s a very powerful hormone, an important sex hormone for men which is why you need to keep this in mind when starting using Finasteride.

Also, it was proven that strong androgens like DHT are playing a role as anti-estrogens in the body. When DHT is reduced, your estrogen level may go into the upper range limit or even exceed it. That’s why they are likely to get estrogen related issues such as gynecomastia and others.


  • Is worth noting that Finasteride doesn’t interact with androgen or estrogen receptors. It doesn’t affect other hormones in the body. Is not estrogenic or androgenic, is not anti androgenic or anti estrogenic and it doesn’t affect your LH, FSH, Cortisol, T3 or T4, or other hormones.

It has anti androgenic properties and estrogenic effects since it reduces the powerful dihydrotestosterone hormone only.


If you plan to run Finasteride for preventing hair loss during the use of anabolic steroids, we highly recommend you to read carefully about the side effects of Finasteride. Use it only when necessary.

Usually, anabolic steroid users are running a dosage of 1 mg a day for the entire anabolic steroid cycle. Then the use is stopped when the cycle stops.


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