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A lot of you have heard about Clomid taken in consideration that is by far one of the most famous, most effective and most widely used medicine for Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) protocols among men who need to recover back their hormonal balance after an anabolic steroid cycle.


Clomid with active substance Clomiphene Citrate is having multiple uses, we would pay more attention to Clomid in regards as a PCT medication, but keep in mind that Clomiphene is actually a medication used in medical settings as a female infertility drug. It was proven helpful for treating infertile women who are not ovulating properly.

  • With all of this being said, anyone who is using steroids should use Clomid (or at least other PCT medication, but Clomid is the most famous one) and that’s why you may be wondering how it works, that’s why you might be searching for Clomid reviews.

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The problem is that when you search for Clomid reviews, it doesn’t really indicate how actually helpful this compound is as a PCT medicine but rather as a fertility product as is mostly used by women who want to get pregnant.

Yet, here, we would share some important things about Clomid that we managed to find throughout Clomid reviews written by real customers and share them here, when talking about it as a PCT compound.


  • Clomid is coming in form of oral pills which makes it super easy and convenient to be administered. Taken in consideration that Clomiphene pills as super easy to use, you avoid any extra hassle.
  • The compound has been used in various different clinical trials with high success rate proving that Clomiphene is safe. It is FDA approved and although it used as a fertility drug, is having a high success rate among men needing Clomid for PCT.
  • Really helpful compound. When it comes to stimulating ovulation, Clomid might be about 80% successful, but when talking about recovering back your HPTA – is 100% successful. Clomiphene is doing a great job in helping your body to recover from a steroid cycle.
  • Clomid is amazingly effective at blocking the estrogen production and therefore, at stimulating the hypothalamus as well as your pituitary glands. Is because Clomid blocking the estrogen production (in some parts of the body) what stimulates the hypothalamus and therefore, the pituitary glands are producing the Gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH), follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) as well as luteinizing hormone (LH). As a result of this, it greatly increases chances for a woman to get pregnant, but it also doing a great job in maintaining high levels of testosterone in men.
  • Very often, Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate) is the first line drug in fertility treatments among women who want to get pregnant, but is also usually the first line drug used for PCT needs, and regardless if we talk about anabolic steroids, prohormones or SARMs. It has also been proven to boost sperm count in men and therefore treat infertility in some men too.
  • Side effects of Clomid virtually do not exist as long as is used properly. Even if some side effects occur, usually, they are very mild. Among many Clomid reviews is very rarely when you would see someone suggesting that they got nasty side effects – that’s because is extremely unlikely as long as Clomiphene is used properly. In fact, Clomid is administered by most men as a medication to decrease other side effects. Thanks to this medication being so helpful and with minimal (low risk) side effects – a lot of people have only positive words to say about Clomid in their reviews. Those few people who do get side effects – they report bloating, nausea and headaches that are manageable. There are other side effects too, but in very rare instances.


A lot of different Clomid reviews online prove that this compound is extremely effective both as a fertility drug, as well as an amazing Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) medicine used by steroid users. That’s why is highly recommended to buy Clomid even before starting the use of anabolic steroids – you might require a PCT sooner than you planned.


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