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Masteron Dosage

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Masteron is among the most widely used and popular cutting androgenic and anabolic steroids (AAS) that you can find on the market. The active substance in Masteron is Drostanolone, which is a DHT derived and injectable anabolic steroid. However, you may find Drostanolone as other brand names, yet Masteron is the most famous one.

This is a steroid that is mainly used as a finishing steroid in a competitive bodybuilder’s stack due to its amazing properties to show off muscles, to help you become leaner and shredded whilst receiving less body fat and water, and fuller muscles.

Mainly, Masteron (Drostanolone) is used by professionals with low body fat percentages who need to show off muscles.

Those that have lots of fat covering the muscles won’t really appreciate Masteron’s effectiveness.

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There are 2 types of Masteron (Drostanolone). There’s no difference in type of results that you receive from them.

Masteron Propionate – Drostanolone Propionate

This is a fast acting Masteron steroid that should be used either on a daily basis or every other day. Propionate is a faster acting compound and is more popular.

Masteron Enanthate – Drostanolone EnanthateMasteron 200 by Dragon Pharma

This version of Masteron is considered less popular than Propionate in bodybuilding settings. This is a slower acting compound that requires less frequency of injection.

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How to Run Masteron?

Is important to remember that MasteronDrostanolone is not a very good bulking steroid, that’s why you would rarely see it used in mass building cycles. Sometimes Masteron is implemented in such cycles, but mostly just to offer estrogenic protection.masteron-dosage-muscular-definition

Nonetheless, Masteron is just amazing in cutting cycles for its great properties when talking about preserving lean muscle tissue. However, the compound is just perfect when talking about muscle hardening effects, removing the excess of water from your body and under the skin and offers and amazing vascularity effect, making you appear fuller.

Masteron is also great for other purposes. For example, Deca (Nandrolone) is known to interfere with your libido and when Drostanolone is added, you avoid getting this issue.

The compound should be used properly and never abuse it, despite the fact that you may hear that is milder than other steroids.

Masteron is mostly added at the end of the cycle in order to receive a cosmetic finish of your physical appearance.

Masteron Dosage

Is quite obvious that before running a compound you’ve got to learn about its dosage first, to make sure that you won’t overdo it. You need to learn about dosage of Masteron and for how long you should run it.

  • Is important to understand that Masteron dosage is not the same for everyone, you’ve got to find it for yourself.

The dosage of Masteron depends on various factors such as your age, weight, goals, level of experience with steroids / Masteron and others.

For example, if you never used Masteron then you should start at a dosage of about 300 mg per week.

That should be a good enough dosage to offer amazing results. Also, that’s going to be a good enough dosage for you to realize how your body responds to the compound and either you receive side effects or not, and how well you can tolerate them.


  • If you notice that this dosage is working great for you and you are feeling overall good, then you may start increasing and getting to the next Masteron dosage for experienced users.

Usually, people with experience run Masteron at 450-550 mg a week. The dosage of 600 mg a week is considered the dosage with most benefits without too big risks of side effects.

  • This dosage is the sweet spot for most people as they are going to receive amazing benefits and in the same time can keep under control the side effects.

Lastly, there are professionals who may increase their dosage up to about 800 mg per week.

Is very important to keep in mind that such doses may offer side effects and you’ve got to know how to control them. That’s why only people with experience with steroid cycles and Masteron itself may attempt such doses.

Masteron cycle is usually anywhere between 8-12 weeks and usually, is implemented at the end of cycle in order to receive maximum benefits.


Masteron 200 by Dragon PharmaMasteron is an extremely helpful steroid for those who need to show off their muscles, as this cosmetic compound would really help you. Is important to learn how to properly use it, that’s why, before running it, learn about Masteron dosage and various other things.

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Is also important to know that in order to receive maximum benefits from MasteronDrostanolone, you need to make sure you get best quality stuff. You can buy Masteron for sale from DragonPharma.to and you’re going to save money whilst making sure that’s a real steroid.

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