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Superdrol Review

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Anyone who ever thought about getting extremely powerful and packing on mass super fast would find Superdrol an amazing compound for their needs. The product is often referred to as the most powerful oral steroid out there and the results that you may receive from it would leave you shocked.

There are many people writing Superdrol review, which prove its efficiency. There are also negative Superdrol reviews from people who either have low tolerance or haven’t used it properly. Nonetheless, lots of positive Superdrol reviews prove how immensely helpful this androgenic and anabolic steroid is.

This article is dedicated to Superdrol review and we hope you would find it useful.

What is Superdrol?

Superdrol-10-Dragon-PharmaSuperdrol is just the nickname of the product. You may find it being sold by many companies under different names as long as the active substance is the same – Methasterone. The chemical name is also called Methyldrostanolone, both being the same.

In the past it used to be considered a dietary supplement – a prohormone, but back in 2012 USA FDA has realized that this is actually an androgenic and anabolic steroid (AAS) and an extremely powerful one that is capable to offer nasty side effects, hence is got banned. Nonetheless, people are still searching for it nowadays because the compound proved to be extremely efficient.

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The compound is extremely powerful and is going to offer mind blowing effects on the body, at least when is used properly. This is the reason why Superdrol is thought to be one of the strongest steroid out there.

This is a unique orally active steroid with structural composition that is going to greatly help the body to start building lean muscle mass and strength. The individual should already workout and diet, but when Superdrol is added to the cycle, user gets awesome benefits.muscular-man-body-Superdrol-review

Superdrol Benefits Overview

  • Increased muscle strength
  • Enhanced bone strength
  • Boosted muscle growth processes
  • Helps to burn body fat
  • Builds lean muscle mass
  • Builds great physical appearance
  • Enhances recovery process

Superdrol Benefits

Some of the best effectiveness of this product is in regards to its ability to provide the user with all the strength required during the workout and the muscle building abilities after the workout.

  • Superdrol is crazy good at stimulating the increase of the muscle tissue growth, allowing muscles to have a proper development and reach “full size”.

In fact, can help you get over the genetic limits in terms of muscle growth.

  • But Superdrol is doing miracles when talking about the strength part.

From the first cycle, individuals are greatly boosting their maximum lifts, by at least 10%, or even more. Same goes for lean muscle mass addition which is at least 10 lbs.

  • Superdrol is increasing vascularity, and has muscle-hardening effects.

It makes you bigger and fuller, that is in the time that you are going to be able to lift heavier weights, train yourself for longer and train more frequently.


Superdrol Dosage

Is important to understand that Superdrol is a very powerful compound and hence, Superdrol doses should be very carefully administered.

This is an orally active steroid that should be used as pills swallowed by mouth. Total daily dose should be split into 2 even doses taken throughout the day. One in AM and the other PM.

Since the dosages are not high and cycle length are short – is easy to use it as the Superdrol cycle is simple.

  • Superdrol dosage is between 10-20 mg a day for most people. This is sweet spot.
  • Advanced or professionals go to 30 mg a day.
  • Doses of 40 mg a day are used only by professionals
  • Higher doses are not recommended altogether.

Superdrol Cycle

Superdrol dose should be pretty low, and cycle should be short too. 4 weeks is what we would recommend. Others may go to 6 weeks. But never exceed Superdrol cycle over 6 weeks. If you go for 8 weeks, do not use more than 10 mg a day, but even that is too much.

A single Superdrol cycle is going to be enough to help you add lots of strength and pack on 10-20 lbs of lean muscle mass.superdrol-dragon

Higher doses are not required or recommended, nor longer cycles. This is going to affect your liver and your health. Higher Superdrol doses can be very harmful for the body, even for professionals.

Is always recommended to add a testosterone base with Superdrol cycle and the cycle to be followed by a PCT plan.

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