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Superdrol vs Dbol

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Superdrol and Dbol (Dianabol) are both orally active anabolic steroids that are considered super effective for bulking cycles as they are both doing an amazing job in growing lean muscle mass and increasing strength levels.

Both offer similar benefits and similar side effects, both are administered in same way and in similar cycles. With all of this being said, is quite obvious many people started to ask questions about

Superdrol vs Dbol

If you’re interested, check this article below and you may find more valuable information.

About Superdrol

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Superdrol that is an orally active anabolic and androgenic steroid (AAS) which was previously considered to be a prohormone supplement and was given OTC. Then it was discovered to be extremely potent steroid and was banned.

  • The anabolic steroid is extremely potent and is that’s why is gaining popularity day by day in the world of bodybuilding. The compound is containing Methasteron (active substance) and is similar to steroid Masteron structurally, but is still very different, especially in results.

The anabolic steroid is doing an amazing job in improving testosterone levels and in improving the number of muscle fibers. The steroid was proven to be extremely effective at stimulating strength and boosting muscle mass gains. The compound is also very effective at reducing the recovery time between the intense workouts and that’s because Superdrol is doing an amazing job at reducing the required time to recover and in extending the period required to get tired.

In short, the compound allows you to workout more often, more intensively, and reduce the time between the workouts.

A great advantage of Superdrol is the fact that is not going to convert into estrogen because it cannot aromatize. Therefore, estrogen related side effects are not going to occur with this compound.

About Dbol


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Dbol is what Dianabol is commonly called by most bodybuilders. The active substance in this compound is Methandrostenolone / Methandienone and this is considered the most famous and widely used steroid among bodybuilders. Dbol is also often nicknamed “the breakfast of champions”.

There are multiple reasons why Dbol is so popular and the fact that bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger used this compound to become Mr. Olympia Champion in his prime is one of them.

This is also an orally active steroid that is also banned (schedule III drug) capable to offer anabolic and androgenic activity all along with high aromatization (estrogenic activity) and little progestational activity too.

This compound is considered ideal for those who want to go through bulking cycles. Is considered a perfect compound for kick starting the process of muscle and size gains as well as strength increase.

Dbol is doing a great job in nitrogen preserving, increasing the rate of synthesis of protein, glycogenolysis, muscle function, improvements in potassium levels as well as body calcium and strength gains too.

Superdrol Vs Dbol

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Superdrol is a famous steroid in bodybuilding world because is one of the best compounds to use for adding strength as well as putting on muscle mass and size. The steroid is going to make your body more vascular, harder with visible muscles. Is also considered a better strength gainer than Dbol.

On the other hand, we have Dbol that is the most famous steroid for bodybuilding needs that is considered to be a better mass and size gainer than Superdrol and is going to be a better compound for longer bulking cycles as a kick starter.

In addition that, one of the reason why many people choose Superdrol over Dbol is because is cheaper in price. Nonetheless, Dianabol is still ideal steroid for athletes and that’s why remains more popular.


Side effects are similar, minus the estrogenic side effects that are specific to Dianabol only. Instead, Superdrol is considered more hepatotoxic than Dbol and other side effects may be more intense with Superdrol than with Dbol.

  • Superdrol should not be used for longer than 6 weeks but most people stop at 4 and shouldn’t be used for doses higher than 40 mg a day, but most people stop at 20-30 mg daily.
  • Dianabol (Dbol) should not be used for longer than 8 weeks, but most people stop at 6 and shouldn’t be used for doses higher than 80 mg a day, but most people stop at 40-60 mg daily.

In the end, which one to choose, greatly depends on your personal needs, your size, goals, tolerance and so on and so forth. You can buy both of these amazingly helpful steroids directly on this website DragonPharma.to. We are the best store of anabolic steroids offering best quality products for lowest prices.

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