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Mesterolone better known as Proviron (brand name) is an orally active steroid. This is actually a very unique steroid compared to all others. In this article, you’re going to find out why. Proviron (or whatever other brand of Mesterolone) is dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derived steroid and is the purest DHT steroid out there.

  • Also, despite being orally active – is not C17 alpha alkylated. So is one of the extremely few oral steroids that are not stressing your liver.

In addition to that Proviron is an anabolic and androgenic steroid (AAS) but the anabolic activity is extremely low. This is what “scares” most people and makes them think Mesterolone is ineffective. That’s a huge mistake.


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Proviron in Bodybuilding

Yes, Proviron might be ineffective for growing lean muscle mass because of very low anabolic activity. Instead, it definitely has its place in the bodybuilding world. The compound got popular years ago as an alternative to aromatase inhibitors (AIs). In addition, bodybuilders were using it as a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) product.

There are still disputes about whether or not Mesterolone can be used during a PCT plan. Some studies suggest it may suppress LH, others suggest that the suppression is very mild at very high dosages.

Nonetheless, Proviron is great as an alternative to aromatase inhibitors (AIs) with added bonuses. For example, Proviron would reduce aromatization and concomitantly would enhance the effects of steroids. That’s because Proviron binds very well to SHBG allowing more free testosterone.

Other steroids are getting their effectiveness boosted.

Other than that, Mesterolone is a steroid and is DHT derived with androgenic activity.

  • People may experience a slight increase in their strength levels, it enhances fat burning properties. Therefore, it helps develop a drier and more vascular (harder) body appearance.

That’s why Proviron can be used both in bulking and cutting cycles. Nevertheless, it always MUST be stacked with other steroids. Using it alone is not going to be helpful.


How to Use Proviron?

Again, this is an orally active steroid. It comes as tablets. Those tablets should be used on a daily basis. Better split the total daily dose into 2 even halves used throughout the day. Because Mesterolone half life is 12 hours.

You can use Proviron with other oral steroids. That’s because Mesterolone is not stressful for the liver. That’s why you can use it for as long as you run your cycle length too.

Keep in mind that you always should use Proviron stacked with other steroids. This way you’ll benefit from SHBG binding and enhanced efficiency of other steroids and from reduced aromatization from other steroids. Using it alone is pretty much worthless.

Women are not recommended to use Proviron at all. It doesn’t help grow muscles but helps turn women into men. Side effects can be really bad.

Men using Mesterolone during a cycle use anywhere between 25 mg a day (beginners) up to 100 mg daily (professionals). The most common dosage is 50 mg daily. In fact, doses over 75 mg a day are likely to get you into the “side effects zone”.


Proviron Side Effects

Proviron is a much safer steroid compared to most other steroids out there. It doesn’t stress your liver albeit being an oral steroid and barely suppresses testosterone albeit being a steroid in the first place. It doesn’t offer estrogenic side effects. As mentioned, it fights them off. It may have some effects on cholesterol and cardiovascular health, but compared to other steroids – Mesterolone is far not as bad.

Yet, is not absolutely safe, obviously. This is a DHT derived steroid so you may receive “high DHT related issues”. Some of them include hair loss, acne, and others. In case of abuse (high dosages for long periods), you may even get enlargement of the prostate.

  • However, if Proviron is used correctly – you are highly unlikely to get any types of side effects.

Proviron Cycle

Here is an example of bulking Proviron cycle (with injections):

Here’s an example of cutting Proviron cycle (oral-only):

  • Winstrol (Stanozolol) 25 mg AM 25 mg PM. 50 mg daily
  • Proviron (Mesterolone) 12.5 mg AM 12.5 mg PM. 25 mg daily
  • Total cycle length 6-8 weeks
  • Is still recommended to add at least some form of test injectable (at least 250 mg weekly)
  • Liver protection every day. PCT plan after ending cycle

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What is Proviron by Dragon Pharma?

Proviron by Dragon PharmaProviron is the trade name of the active substance with chemical name – Mesterolone and is a product manufactured by Dragon Pharma. Every customer can be sure that the product is of an extremely high quality and purity offering Mesterolone as the active substance in high amounts as promised.

Mesterolone might be sold as other brand names and is an androgen and anabolic steroid (AAS) medication that is primarily being used for the treatment of low testosterone levels. In addition to that, the steroid has been used for treating male infertility, however its use for such purposes is still controversial.

Mesterolone is an orally active steroid and is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone which was firstly described back in 1966 but it was initially developed in 1934 and besides having some medical uses, Mesterolone has been used for improving physique and performance, however, this steroid is much less used compared to other steroids for such purposes because of its weak anabolic effects.

Being developed so many years ago, this is considered one of the oldest steroids manufactured.

Proviron containing Mesterolone is almost as pure a DHT steroid as you can find out there and with such DHT compounds as Proviron, the risks of estrogen aromatization are none. This compound is also classified as an aromatase inhibitor (AI) and that’s because, although actually being a steroid, it can be used and is still widely used as an anti estrogen – aromatase inhibitor because it was proven effective as an AI.

Mesterolone found in Proviron is considered mainly an androgenic steroid because its anabolic activity is known to be extremely weak. The anabolic activity, in fact, is considered to be so low that is practically inexistent.

Proviron Half Life | How Long Does Proviron Take to Work?

The half life of Proviron containing Mesterolone is considered to be approximately 12 hours or so which is quite long for an orally applicable steroid. Do not confuse it with the detection time which, for Proviron, is approximately 5-6 weeks.

Proviron starts working nearly immediately as you have your first dosage, however the effects are not seen immediately. Due to its half life, the compound is recommended to be taken on a daily basis (and even multiple times a day) as it starts working immediately, but the effectiveness is seen at least in a matter of some days or even weeks.

What Does Proviron Do? | What is Mesterolone Used For?

MesteroloneProviron is working by binding to the androgen receptor and from this moment it shows off its extremely weak anabolic and high androgenic properties. There are studies proving that Proviron might be effective for depression, for anxiety, boosting lack of sex drive and other uses. It can be given to men with low libido and is a precursor of full Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

However, it also got popular for uses in bodybuilding, but due to no anabolic activity, this compound is used as a part of steroid stack, because used alone, is pretty useless for a bodybuilder and their needs.

Nonetheless, this compound is stacked with great success with both cutting and bulking agents. When used for cutting, the compound is helping you to get lean and preserve muscle mass while for bulking is used as an aromatase inhibitor for the aromatizable compounds like Dianabol and others.

Bodybuilders were using Proviron for Post Cycle Therapy but nowadays this steroid is rarely used for this purposes because it was proven to suppress LH in some situations. It is unclear if it still suppresses LH in all cases, so people rather resort to other PCT meds.

Mainly, the compound is used in bulking cycles stacked with wet steroids because it lowers estrogen levels and this offers a harder look, more vascular etc. while offering less estrogen related side effects and plus, Proviron is binding strongly to SHBG – the hormone that is making other steroids less effective.

So, Proviron is worthless to be used alone, but has a lot of benefits when stacked with other steroids.

Proviron Dosage | When to Take Proviron? | Mesterolone Administration

A really helpful ProvironMesterolone Cycle consists of 8 weeks cycle length with 40-50 mg a day of Dianabol and 50 mg a day of Proviron alongside with 20 mg a day of Cardarine and 5 caps a day of N2Guard. You may start with 6 weeks with 25 mg a day of each compound with same doses of supplements.

Remember that ProvironMesterolone should be taken exclusively only with other steroids for being effective. And due to its half life, most people prefer to split up the total daily dose in 2 even halves taken throughout the day.

Cycle length shouldn’t exceed 10 weeks at maximum, but 6-8 weeks is preferred by everyone. The dosing range for ProvironMesterolone is anywhere between 25 up to 75 mg a day, but 50 mg a day is the sweet spot.

Proviron Side Effects | Mesterolone Side Effects

Side effects of Proviron are mainly related to DHT side effects, which is quite obvious since is such a pure DHT derivative.

Despite being an orally active steroid, Proviron containing Mesterolone is not a C17 alpha alkylated compound which means that no liver issues are going to appear while using it.

Females are very warned against virilizing side effects, they are very recommended to stay away from Proviron compounds.

In addition to that, no estrogen related side effects would occur with Proviron. In fact, as mentioned, Proviron containing Mesterolone can work by dealing with estrogen related side effects as it works as an aromatase inhibitor.

Nonetheless, most of the side effects with ProvironMesterolone are coming from its DHT characteristics and therefore, you can expect getting male pattern baldness, oily skin, acne, aggression, excessive hair growth on face and body and any other DHT related side effects.

To such side effects are especially prone those people who are genetically prone to get them and by using higher doses than recommended. Do not abuse this compound if you do not want to get unwanted side effects.

Where to Buy Proviron For Sale? | Buy Mesterolone 25 mg

Proviron containing Mesterolone can be purchased without any issues from Dragon Pharma – the pharmaceutical company that is offering high quality steroids including Proviron which is mainly used as an aromatase inhibitor (AI).

You can be sure that the product is of an extremely high quality and containing the amount of Mesterolone as promised. The best part is that you receive this very high quality product for a very low price as Dragon Pharma tries to manufacture steroids for everyone needs of high quality and for everyone’s budgets.

Remember to use Proviron only stacked with other steroids because alone is pretty worthless, but when stacked – it makes the effectiveness of other steroids to spike up and is also dealing with the estrogen related side effects by lowering the estrogen levels.