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Turinabol For Sale

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Turinabol that is shortly called by most people Tbol, is an orally active steroid which has been created and developed specifically for the purpose of physique and performance enhancement in athletes and bodybuilders.

The compound is known for being extremely easy to administer, super effective for building an amazing physique and boosting performance and for its relatively safe side effects profile.

Therefore, there are a lot of professional athletes and bodybuilders as well as simple gym guys who want to look better searching for Turinabol for sale. Now you can buy Turinabol for a very low price directly from our website DragonPharma.to as brand Turanabol. We offer best quality Turinabol (Tbol) for the lowest price although the trade name is different.

  • The active substance is 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone, but taken in consideration that this chemical name is a tongue twister, we would simply call it Tbol, Turinabol or Turanabol – the famous steroid that has appeared many years ago.

Dragon Pharma is offering same Turinabol product as the brand name Turanabol but for a lower price.

Turanabol by Dragon Pharma

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The compound got this name that is similar to Dianabol (Dbol) because is a compound derived from Dianabol. Turinabol is considered the “little brother” of Dianabol because Dbol is much powerful and effective, but in the same time is much dangerous in terms of side effects too.

Dbol and Tbol come with their own set of benefits and side effects. For example, if you’re searching to get as huge as possible and with as much strength as is humanly possible, go for Dbol. Nonetheless, if you’re searching for a compound to get an aesthetically looking body with definition and muscle hardening, whilst getting stronger and improving performance, but remaining in the same weight category (for example, in sports that’s important) then you should go for Tbol.


Regardless if you want to buy Dianabol (Dbol) you check for it on our website DragonPharma.to and you would find best Dianabol compound for sale.

But you can also buy Turinabol for sale as brand Turanabol which would save you lots of money and you will be receiving the best quality Tbol.

Facts about Turinabol

The reason why Turinabol – Turanabol is so famous is thanks to various things. It has its disadvantages and advantages pretty much like all other steroids, but in the end, the compound is super famous, indicating that advantages are better and more.


  • For example, this anabolic steroid is not aromatized and therefore, it doesn’t turn into estrogen. That’s super appreciated by people who want to get aesthetic, without puffy look, water retention, bloating, gynecomastia etc.
  • Another thing to mention is the fact that since there is no water retention effect, the increase of muscle mass is going to be clean. The muscles won’t get the puffy look and they would be quality and long lasting.
  • Turinabol  – Turanabol is offering less androgenic side effects therefore the steroid is safer to use compared to other steroids in terms of staying away from acne, hair loss, aggression etc.
  • Turinabol – Turanabol is also offering less testosterone suppression You will still require a PCT plan, at least we highly recommend it. But whilst Dianabol is going to suppress testosterone by about 60-70% in the first week, in the same timeframe, Tbol would only suppress it by 20-30%.

Buy Turinabol For Sale

Turanabol by Dragon PharmaTuranabol – Turinabol (Tbol) is a very famous steroid and many famous athletes were caught using it because is known to be super effective at growing lean muscle mass, increasing strength levels but in the same time, your overall weight remains the same, as it burns fat too.

With this being said, lots of people search to buy Turinabol and in case you’re among them, buy Tbol for sale directly from this website at DragonPharma.to as brand Turanabol. We are the best steroid store where you can buy steroids online of the highest quality without problems and for low prices.

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