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Liquid Winstrol

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Liquid Winstrol is referred to Injectable Winstrol that is also known as Winstrol Depot. Regardless how you call it, the compound is coming in form of watery solution that is meant for intramuscular injection. In the solution you would find the active substance Stanozolol. You could find liquid Winstrol being sold by Dragon Pharma as brand Winstrol 50, coming as injection. Winstrol 50 Inject by Dragon Pharma

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Liquid Winstrol Depot is a less famous version of WinstrolStanozolol. The compound is mostly used in form as pills because oral Winstrol pills are easier to administer than injection, obviously. In fact, Stanozolol is used in medical settings for treating various conditions, but it seems like the compound is given to patients only in form of pills. Dragon Pharma offers Winstrol as pills too.


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The injectable version of Winstrol is used in veterinary settings given to animals.

Nonetheless, athletes and bodybuilders who want to use Stanozolol for physique and performance enhancement purposes experimented with both forms of this anabolic steroid. Obviously pills remain the most widely used form, yet, a lot of bodybuilders shared their anecdotal experiences with both forms of administering Winny and they claim that liquid Winstrol is much stronger compared to oral Winstrol tablets.

Scientists didn’t prove this statement and they claim that either liquid Winstrol Depot or oral Winstrol pills – the effectiveness is exactly the same without any differences. Either is that true or not, is up to each person. You might use liquid Winstrol and use the pills and check if there are any differences.


Use of Liquid Winstrol

If you want to use Winstrol in form of injection then you should know that the compound is having a longer half life compared to pills. Oral Stanozolol – 9 hours whilst injectable Stanozolol – 24 hours.

This means that Winstrol depot shouldn’t be used more than once a day. There are people who use it every other day, but that may not be enough to maintain stable blood levels. How to use it – is up to you, but our recommendation is on a daily basis.

  • WARNING! Most people who used liquid Winstrol said that the injections are very painful. That’s mainly because Stanozolol in injections come without any ester attached, hence you get a watery solution that is entering the system fast. In order to slightly reduce the pains, try to change the injection spot often, and also to heat up a little bit the solution as well as the spot where you are about to inject the liquid Winstrol.

Liquid Winstrol Dosage

The dosage for Winstrol coming in form as injection is pretty much the same as the oral Winstrol dosage, with slight or no differences at all.

  • The daily dosage is anywhere between 30 mg up to about 100 mg a day. Rarely people use doses lower than 30 mg a day because those are doses for beginners, and usually, beginners choose oral pills instead of injections.
  • That’s why most common liquid Winstrol dosage is about 50 mg a day, as the pills. Some people use higher doses, but make sure you would be able to tolerate such doses and your liver isn’t going through too much stress.

Cycle length with liquid Winstrol Depot is exactly the same as with oral Winstrol – anywhere between 4 up to 8 weeks. Rarely people choose to go up to 8 weeks, we recommend to stop at 6 weeks, whilst beginners and women should stop at 4 weeks.


Liquid Winstrol Side Effects

Some people may think that Injectable Stanozolol is offering more side effects than oral pills. Others may think vice versa – Injectable Stanozolol is offering less side effects than oral pills. Both statements are false.

  • Except for painful injections, injectable version definitely doesn’t offer more side effects that pills.
  • In terms of less side effects, some people may think that there’s less hepatotoxicity because you don’t swallow tablets – that’s false either. Liquid Winstrol is one of few injectable steroids to be liver toxic.

The product is offering same side effects of pills. They are controlled the same way and as usual – higher dosage and cycle length, higher chances to get side effects.liquid-winstrol-buy

Some of the side effects include:

  • Acne
  • Hair loss
  • Hepatotoxicity
  • Testosterone suppression
  • Dry and painful joints

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